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Vana'diel Time

2017-12-08 Maintenance

In this maintenance the following changes have been made: 1) Complete redesign of the packet system. ---a) The new system is designed to cut down lag in high traffic areas. ---b) The new system prioritizes party/alliance members. ---c) The new system scales based on the people around you. ---d) The new system is easily adjusted. 2) All fame checkers have been fixed. 3) Free Exp Weekend. ---a) In celebration of the return of The Grand Tour Season 2. ---b) Emperor/Empress Bands ONLY will be enabled. ---c) If you choose the wrong one, you won't be granted the right one. ---d) If you drop it, you cannot re-obtain it. 4) One Free BCNM promotion has ended.

2017-12-02 Maintenance

This maintenance will fix: An issue with devotion Bard MACC Auto-HP should now just return you to your current location.

2017-11-30 Stats Page

Currently under development to give a bit more insight. http://nasomi.com/stats/ The plan is to have the following for the previous 24 hours: • Auction house transactions • Auction house gil sales • Monster deaths • Player Deaths • Exp gained • Exp Lost All major NM/HNM killed in the following format: • Nidhogg was last killed by 5 players, including Nasomi. • Leaping lizzy was last killed by 18 players, including Nasomi. etc.

2017-11-22 Maintenance

BCNM's are here. Cloudy Orbs and Themis Orbs are now live. So is their treasure. As an added bonus, for a limited time, the first time you trade a cloudy orb, it won't be consumed. These aren't your pappy's BCNM's. Good luck out there.

2017-11-11 Maintenance

Fixes a few crash bugs. Fix an issue with Seiryu. Autohp fixes. Exploit fixes. Fix issue with mission 2-3. Talk to Grohm. Fixed an issue with acid bolt. BCNM's are getting closer! Harvest Festival ends on the 15th, so get your goods while your goods may be gotten!

2017-10-31 Maintenance

In this maintenance we... ...Are half way through our harvest festival! Get the goods while the getting is good! ...Fixed a bug with beastmaster pets. ... ...Added 20 cap garrison!

2017-10-20 Maintenance

We did it already, you must have missed it. BCNM work continues, getting ever closer. We need more testers! We'll introduce BCNM's as they're completed and ready if need be. BCNM maintenance can now be undergone without restarting clusters. No more mass boots! The job ability Tame for beastmaster is now functional. Leshy loot has been added.

Re: 2017 Harvest Festival!

Greetings kupo~ We're pleased to announce that the Jeuno portion of the festival is live! Go scare those Jeunoians and shake them until candy and presents fall out!

2017 Harvest Festival!

We're pleased to announce the 2017 Harvest Festival! Visit a Festive Moogle in Port Bastok, Port San'duria, or Windurst Walls to put on a costume, then do your best to scare innocent citizens into giving you special Halloween rewards!! If you don't manage to scare them, they'll still at least give you candy ^.^ Jeuno coming soon, which will have special items not available in the starting cities!

2017-10-12 Maintenance-Free

This maintenance requires no maintenance time. The changes are now live. The fishing level cap has been raised to 100! When you are traveling between Mhaura and Selbina, there is a chance the boat will be attacked by pirates, be careful!

2017-10-06 BCNM Update

BCNM Testers needed! BCNM's are currently LIVEish. BCNM's currently have NO LOOT! However, if you want to give them a try and report ANY/ALL issues please feel free. You must trade an orb to activate a BCNM, however it will not consume the orb or make it unusable in the future. If you want to try a 3man BCNM, you must have 3 or fewer party members IN THE ZONE! If your party consists of 4 or more, you will get a 6man BCNM. Currently the following BCNM's are available for testing: Horlais Peak: • Shooting Fish • Carapace Combatants • Dropping Like Flies • Under Observation • Tails of Woe • Eye of the Tiger • Hostile Herbivores • Shots in the Dark • Dismemberment Brigade • Horns of War • Contaminated Colosseum • Double Dragonian • Today's Horoscope Waughroon Shrine • Crustacean Conundrum • Birds of a Feather • Grove Guardians • Royal Jelly • The Worm's Turn • The Final Bout • 3, 2, 1... • Up in Arms • Grimshell Shocktroopers • Copycat • Operation Desert Swarm • Prehistoric Pigeons • The Hills Are Alive Balga's Dais • Charming Trio • Creeping Doom • Harem Scarem • Royal Succession • Steamed Sprouts • Rapid Raptors • Treasure and Tribulations • Wild Wild Whiskers • Divine Punishers • Moa Constrictors • Royale Ramble • Seasons Greetings • Early Bird Catches the Wyrm Chamber of Oracles • Legion XI Comitatensis • Cactuar Suave • Eye of the Storm • The Scarlet King

2017-10-03 Maintenance

Today's maintenance will tackle a couple issues: Fixed an issue with loot for BCNM's, allowing further testing. Fixed an issue where MACC wasn't calculating properly. Introduced Dynamic Level Sync. With dynamic level sync, the max level range for sync will vary based on the players currently online. • Under 200 online, the max sync range will be 40 • Between 201 and 300, the max sync range will be 30 • Between 301 and 400, the max sync range will be 20 • Between 401 and 500, the max sync range will be 15 • Above 500, the max sync range will 10 Example: If you are currently synced, at a range of 30 and the population rises above 301, your sync will remain unchanged. However, if your sync breaks for any reason, you will not be able to re-sync to a range greater than 20. Remember, not all party members have to be in the sync to gain experience points. If you have a level 30, a level 33, and a level 63, and the max sync range is currently 30, you can sync to 33 and the 30 will still gain experience points at only a slightly lower rate. BCNM's are getting closer, look forward to them!

2017-09-29 Maintenance - NOT BCNM's

This maintenance is required to implement some things that will allow easier BCNM development. They're getting closer. Along with this maintenance, there have been a few minor changes, all of which are pre-requisites to getting BCNM and KSNM's done. • Search comments are available! You can now set them in game, and view them here: http://nasomi.com/search.php • Mog Safe increased to 80 spaces. I mean, you should be able to throw whatever you want in your room, it's not like your mother sees it, right? • All mog storage will be restricted to city zones only. Get those gobbie bags done! Hopefully we'll see completed BCNM's soon. All instances are set up, all loot is set up, most AI is complete, we're just working out the minor bugs and final testing.

2017-09-01 Maintenance

As of this maintenance: All player trade actions are logged for security purposes. Fixed trade windows bugging out. Fixed a few more crash scenario's where alliances bugged out. If an HNM is up, and the zone goes down for what-ever reason, he will be up when the server comes back up. And empress/emperor bands will be enabled for the holiday weekend. Have a good one!

2017-08-18 Maintenance Part 2

With modifications to TH, we've had to set all relic weapons back one stage due to the previous abundance of currency.

2017-08-18 Maintenance

There was maintenance at 6:15am EST this morning. It wasn't a major maintenance, but I wanted to slip a few things in. That's what she said. • Implemented BLM elemental potency merits • Adjusted RDM elemental MACC merits to be the correct values • Small TH adjustments to prevent it from being vastly overpowered to just slightly overpowered • Changing jobs will no longer strip you naked, you'll still have the gear you can wear on you • Fixed numerous fished mobs that didn't exist and crashed a zone • Fixed a sheep in Lufaise Meadows • Fixed overall MACC where it was giving bonuses it shouldn't have • Fixed a bunch of item latents: Master Caster's Bracers, Republic Circlet, Bastokan Circlet, Berserker's Torque, Snakeeye, Snakeeye, Snakeye+1, Snakeeye+1, Rain Hat, Msn. Jinpachi, Monsoon Tekko, Hailstorm Tekko, Hailstorm Tekko +1, Monsoon Kyahan, Desert Boots, Desert Boots +1, Tempest Belt, Monsoon Spear, Raikiri, Fylgja Torque

2017-08-04 Operation Airship: Success!

We're happy to announce that the airships are fully functional for version 30170329_0! If you have trouble on your airship, type /ver to compare versions. If you're not on it, stop in http://nasomi.net to see about getting on that version. The portals to the circuit have been closed. You can stay if you'd like, but it's going to be hard to find new customers.

2017-07-27 Maintenance

We've integrated a bandaid. I don't care for bandaids, but this is proving more difficult than anticipated, and it's causing players a bad time. The Auto-HP bug is fully detectable. If detected, it will zone you as you never died. Except you will have lost XP. We're still working on a more permanent solution. Search comments are live! Now you can set your bazaar comment and search comment separately. Search comments will appear on the http://nasomi.com/party.php, while bazaar comments will appear in game. Fixed a bug where some ??? appeared only after server reset in Lufaise Meadows. Fixed a bug where ammo caused a server crash.

2017-07-24 Maintenance Continued

Balance issues: HNM's and popular NM's now spawn claimed if there are multiple people in the area, based on who ever they agro. NM's that feel left out: Lumber Jack now drops Divine Logs.

2017-07-24 Maintenance

Fixed... A linkshell crash bug An exploit relating to no check against race specific gear Fishing monsters complete More crash bugs. A lot of them.