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2016-10-14 Harvest Festival!
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Author:  Magical Moogle [ Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  2016-10-14 Harvest Festival!

Greetings Kupo~

We moogles at the MEC(Moogle Event Committee) have been planning the most enjoyable of festivals, the Harvest Festival! With much excitement and anticipation, tragedy has befallen us!

Simply put, our balls are gone. De-balled. Balls-no-more! The nasty beastmen teenagers seem to have broken into our moogle closets and stolen our balls! Please, if you happen to find our balls, bring them back to us! They are most important to us, we hold our balls very close to our hearts. They are part of who we are! Without them, we simply cannot perform the magical feats which us moogles are known and loved for.

Once you've located our balls, please bring them back to us so we can put them where they belong. We'll take as many balls as you can give us, Bahamut only knows how many they've stolen from us. Our festive moogles in Port Bastok, Windurst Walls, and Port San'doria will gladly reward you for any balls you can bring us!

Please, hurry kupo! Our balls are in your hands.

P.S. Selling our balls is strictly against the rules. If you sell our balls, we'll take yours.

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