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2017-02-14 Valentines Event
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Author:  Magical Moogle [ Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  2017-02-14 Valentines Event

G-G-G-greetings A-A-adventurers!

We here at the MEC(Moogle Event Committee) have been up to our wings in chocolate getting ready for that magical time of year when two hearts destined to be be together inevitably become entwined! To s-s-spread the love everywhere we're asking YOU adventurers to help us out!

To help us all you have to do is visit a festive moogle in Port Bastok, Windurst Walls, or Port San'dOria. There you will receive two pieces of chocolate. But one of them must be exchanged with someone elses chocolate to receive a matching pair. There are people throughout the starting cities waiting for those pair who can make them become one. Hand them over and they will give you back the chocolate melted back together. From there, bring the completed piece back to one of the festive moogles for your reward!

For those wishing to step it up a notch...

We need some chocolate delivered to Upper Jeuno, as well as Tavnazian Safehold. Now we're not saying to run out and get yourself killed... But if you do, we can assure you the reward will be worth your while!

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