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Summer Fun Run 2016!
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Author:  Magical Moogle [ Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Summer Fun Run 2016!

Greetings, kupo~

We at the MEC(Moogle Event Committee) are proud to announce the Summer Fun Run! This is our annual run to kick off fun in the sun, long days, cold deserts, and good times with friends. To celebrate this we're going to hold a special race from Kazham to the Cloister of Flames!

Those interested in participating in the event will need to create a new character with the same name as their current main, plus "two" on the end. After that you'll have a very short time to hit the teleport which will take you to Kazham, where you'll meet the Legendary Nasomi! You'll set your home point in Kazham, and in doing so will give you a sneak oil and prism powder. You only get one of each, so be sure to use them wisely. Once everyone has gathered, the race will begin.

Departing Kazham, you'll enter Yuhtunga Jungle, make your way to Yhoator Jungle, navigate to Ifrit's Cauldron, and finally arrive in the Cloister of Flames! If you are unlucky and fall pray to one of the many monsters along the way, you'll return to Kazham, where you will have to start your run over. Stay with the crowd, though, and you may be one of the lucky ones to finish in the top 3!

There will be special prizes awarded to the first 3 finishers, plus a participation prize for everyone who completes the race. If you are unable to finish, don't fret, the awards will be obtainable via our Summer Twilight Festival, for additional cost.

The Summer Fun Run will take place on Saturday, June 25th, at 10 A.M. EST(GMT-5). It will last approximately two hours, so if you cannot make it for the start, you can still start late in an attempt to finish.

Take some time and learn the route, make a practice run, or figure it out as you go at the run. However you choose to do it, do your best!

Until next week, take care, kupo!

Author:  Magical Moogle [ Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Summer Fun Run 2016!

Update, kupo~

For the event, when you create your NEW character, head to the Odyssean Passage located in Port Bastok @K-12, Port Windurst @M-4, and Northern San d'Oria @K-8. It will not take you anywhere if it is not a NEW character. You may not trade ANYTHING to your new character or it WILL NOT be teleported to the event.

Once you arrive in Kazham, SET YOUR HOMEPOINT. That way if you die, you'll return and can start the race over. Many will die, but that doesn't mean you still can't finish and claim your reward.

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