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Welcome to the Ashita 2 Page

What is Ashita 2

Configuring Ashita 2

  • Locate one of your login Configurations and highlight it by clicking.
  • Click the Pen icon in the blue portion of the window.
  • Under the Ashita Tab the following should be listed
    • Boot Settings: .\\ffxi-bootmod\pol\pol.exe
    • Boot Command: –server –hairpin
      • If you are not copying the text, please note that there are 2 dashes “- -” before server and before hairpin
    • Start Up Script: default.txt
    • Language in English
    • Leave the Logging Level as Debugging
  • Under the Windows Tab
    • You have the option to change languages
    • Set the game to display in a windowed mode
    • Set a resolution
      • Please make sure that your resolution matches a resolution that your video drivers can display!
  • Click the Check mark at the bottom to save your settings

FAQ about Ashita 2

Q. Can I get in trouble for loading all of these cool looking plug-ins?
A. Yes. On Nasomi only the default settings for Ashita 2 are approved. So anything other than those, are not approved.
Q. It doesn't say that in the Rules…
A. Check out the Game Balance section of the rules.
Q. Okay so what ones are safe?
A. As of 14-January-2016 they include: Timestamp, tparty, distance, recast
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