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Multi Boxing Guide

Also known as Dual-Boxing (DBoxing) or 2-Boxing.


You can have as many accounts as you wish. However there is a limit to how many accounts you can have logged in at any given time to avoid breaking the rules.

The following are the restrictions:

  1. Max account limit online: 3
    • 2 Active accounts can be in the field (places where loot drops, EXP gained, any form of progression (such as spells and questing).
    • 1 Active account can be used in cities to craft or other popular bazaar locations
  2. HELM Notice
    • HELM is an exception to the statement above
      • You cannot have 2 accounts online, in the same zone if you are actively taking actions for HELM
        • I.E. You cannot place one character at one set of HELM nodes, and the 2nd account in another set of HELM nodes within the same zone.
      • This information was also covered in the rules page of the WIKI.

How To

Step 1 Set Up

  • Load two Ashita programs up.
    • Make sure you are running as Administrator

Step 2 Login x2

  • After this point, you will log in like normal.

Step 3 ???

  • You can alt-tab to load up your other account using the Ashita window you didn't use in step 2
    • It's highly recommended that you log in one account fully before logging into the 2nd one. If you try to log in at the same time you may receive the other accounts character list.

Step 4 Profit

  • You should now be online with both accounts.


  1. Q. When I am 2 boxing, and I log out, sometimes I see my other account!
    • A. This is a known issue.
      • To fix this, just log to the desktop and log back in.
        • If you will be swapping a lot of characters, you may want to have a few different Ashita windows open.
        • Alternatively you can look into how to turn off UAC (user account control) and see if this is the best option for your computer.
    • This can also happen to you if there is more than one user in your household/shared connection.
  2. Q. I can't log into my Characters, receiving error POL-0001.
    • A. There are issues with having more the 1 character per account (The 5th seems to cause this error) Deleting a character should solve this problem. Making a new account per character is recommended.
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