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Common Errors: In and Connecting To the Game

FFXI-3005 Character Stuck/Game Server Offline/Crashed
  • Wait 2-5 min continued login after this error could get you error 3001
  • This can also mean the login server is online but the game server itself has crashed.
FFXI-3305 Character Stuck/Login Server Offline
  • Your character is still connected according to the server.
    • Wait about 2 - 5 mins and try again.
  • You may not have Ashita properly configured. You need to have the – hairpin (dash dash) added.
  • Or the server may be down. Check out IRC to see if there is a lot of people.
FFXI-3101 Network Connection
  • A problem with the connection between you and the server.
    • Try power cycling your router/modem, check your firewall, or try and restart the computer.
  • The server could be down.
    • Check IRC for a lot of people.
  • Ashita may be outdated.
FFXI-3322 while creating my character
  • The name could be taken or is to short.
    • Note: Make sure you are using between 3 and 10 characters here!
  • If this persists, 1. Go to Playoneline Viewer folder, 2. Copy data folder, 3. Paste it in Final Fantasy XI folder
FFXI-3313 Getting Japanese Text Error When Creating Char
  • This occurs mostly because your character name is already taken on the server
  • If this happens try logging out of the game completely and back in to try a new name.

POL-0033 Connection refused by server. Some servers may be out of service or congested. Please check your connection environment if nothing improves even after trying again later.
  • First off go to your network connections and right click the one your using, and try “repair”. this clears your cache and “renews” ip.
  • OR you can try power cycling your modem, this can clear on connection issues as well.
POL-1160 This shouldn't happen as we don't use PlayOnline
  • You appear to have attempted to connect to the Retail servers.
  • If you were trying to update go straight to check files. For help updating check the Update link to the left.

Check files only has PlayOnline Viewer and Tetra as drop-down options
  • This happens most often when Step 4 & Step 5 of the install were missed, or not all files were overwritten.
  • If this doesn't fix the problem, come ask for help in IRC.
Dual Boxing Crashes Second Client
  • Load 2 instances of Ashita before you connect to the game.
From the black window - You could not be logged in!
  • Password or username was not correct.
    • Make sure you check your caps-lock key, the password is case sensitive
  • The account may not exist.
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