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Update Instructions Overview

Open up your playonline folder in windows explorer(orwhateverelseyouuse) and go to the Final Fantasy XI folder.

Most likely down at the bottom, there is a file called “Vtable.dat” Delete this. Now go to your start menu(orwhateverelseyouuse) and open up PLAYONLINE as administrator(do not open ashita). Go to “Check Files” and select FFXI from the drop down. Check files, wait, repair files, wait. Exit viewer properly

Update Step-by-Step

Feedback and discussions can be had via Forums

Step One: Getting ready for the update

The first thing you'll want to do is locate a file that we need to remove so that we can begin the process of updating.

  1. Locate the folder your game client is located in.
    1. Default Location is : C:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\Final Fantasy XI\
    2. 64 Bit Location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\Final Fantasy XI\
  2. Locate the file VTABLE.DAT
  3. Delete or move this file elsewhere (such as to your desktop).

Note there are a number of VTABLE.DAT files throughout the game folder; for the sake of this guide we are using the one in the default game folder.

Step Two: Accessing PLAYONLINE

  1. Locate the PlayOnline Viewer folder and scroll to the bottom to find the POL.exe file
    1. Default Location is: C:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer\
    2. 64 Bit Location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer\
  2. R-click on the pol.exe file
  3. In the submenu locate the run as administrator option (may be different depending on your OS)
  4. You may have an UAC (User Account Control) pop up asking your permission
    1. Select Yes after reviewing the information

Do not skip the Run as Admin step, it can cause problems.
You may also want to consider temp disabling any virus scanning software if you have run into problems before with updating files or other MMO file corruption.

Step Three: PlayOnline Check Files

Please click on the files to zoom in

PlayOnline Viewer Menu

  • This is the main PlayOnline Viewer Menu
    • It includes a lot of information that is related to and relevant to retail
    • For the update see the steps below.
  1. Locate the link that states Check Files from the list of menus to the left to continue.
    • Leave the account ID / password alone
    • This was already set up from the first time you installed

PlayOnline Check Files

  • A new window will appear once you are in the Check Files part of PlayOnline
  • In this new window, locate the Final Fantasy XI option from the list.
    • Default is PlayOnline and this will not be useful for us,
    • Failing to select FinalFantasy Xi from the drop down will result in you having to redo this step.
  • Click on the Check Files Button

  • Sit back and relax for a bit as this may take a little time.
  • Once it has completed you will be notified that the game found some errors, proceed to Step 4

Step Three: Troubleshooting

If any problems are discovered during the file check, please select “File Repair.” If this still does not fix the problem, please re-install the software.

  • If no files are found, it may be due to a few reasons:
    1. You may not have deleted the VTABLE.DAT in Step One.
      1. Please go back up to that step start again.
    2. You may have recently updated the client before maintenance and Nasomi requested you to update.

Step Four: File Repair

  1. Locate the File Repair Button and click on it.
    1. You can disregard List of Corrupt Files unless you are having errors with your update
  2. You will see a new warning message after selecting to proceed with File Repair
    1. Click on Yes from the Start file repair? popup.
  3. Let the file repair finish

Step Five: Exit PlayOnline

  1. Please exit the program properly by following the prompts to exit
  2. You are now done
  3. Load the game up normally

See you in game!

Step Five: Troubleshooting

  • This really isn't a section that should be needed, as long as you do not X out of the window or close it down improperly.
  • But if you have any problems, head over to IRC and be ready to offer a description and details.
    • Not Helpful: Saying “My update wont work”
    • Helpful: Saying “I got an error message (along with what the error actually says) when I am updating”
  • Also make sure to note which version of the client you are using:
    • You can locate it from in game or from PlayOnline
      • PlayOnline:
        • [Mar-08-2016] <~nasomi> when you change the dropdown from pol to ffxi
        • [Mar-08-2016] <~nasomi> it says a number
        • [Mar-08-2016] <~nasomi> 30160203_0
      • In Game
        • Once you are logged into the game, but before you select characters, locate the version ID
        • Located lower right side of the window
        • Current version is : 30161227_1.
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