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Welcome to the Dynamis Portal

Most of the information for retail can work here. However there are some changes and modification that make Dynamis unique for the Nasomi server.

To share feedback and discus these changes please visit the forums to discuss enhancements of this page.

Standard Dynamis Areas

Dynamis - San d'Oria ★ Dynamis - Windurst ★ Dynamis - Bastok
Dynamis - Jeuno ★ Dynamis - Beaucedine ★ Dynamis - Xarcabard

Dreamworld Dynamis Areas

Dynamis - Valkurm ★ Dynamis - Qufim ★ Dynamis - Buburimu ★ Dynamis - Tavnazia

How to break your progress

AKA What NOT to do.

  1. Entering a Dynamis run before you have the correct flagging will cause problems.
    • Most common is that people will go into Dreamlands (coding is not finished properly) and do some of the runs and maybe even get a win before they were Rank 6 or even finished with the Diablos fight.
    • If this is your situation you will require a GM's intervention to correct it as you have broken your flagging. The game doesn't know how to allow you to have access to something when you shouldn't have.

Basic Overview

How to Enter

Standard Dynamis Areas
TL;DR Requirements:

  • Level 65 or higher.
  • Rank 6 (to be safe).
  • 50k traded to trail markings
  • Proper flagging

Dreamlands Dynamis Areas
TL;DR Requirements:

  • Level 65 or higher.
  • Do not enter these before all requirements in the Standard has been met.
  • CoP Mission 3-5: Darkness Named completed
  • 50k traded to trail markings
  • Proper flagging


Dynamis - Tavnazia

To access Tavazia you must gain wins for the other zones.

✔ Dynamis - Valkurm ✔ Dynamis - Buburimu ✔ Dynamis - Qufim 

Dynamis - Beaucedine

To access Beaucedine you must gain wins for the other zones.

✔ Dynamis - Bastok ✔ Dynamis - Windurst ✔ Dynamis - San d'Oria ✔ Dynamis - Jeuno 

Dynamis - Xarcabard

Requires the successful completion of Dynamis - Beaucedine.

Troubleshooting Steps

General issues that can come up.

In case of zone crashes

If you are in Dynamis and the server crashes, there is 2 things that could happen. 1) You are kicked out. 2) full restart of the server/run.

  1. If you are kicked out
    • if it kicks you it wont let you back in as your timer is counting down.
    • You'll need to wait till the reset before you can go in.
  2. if it restarts
    • You are online and in the zone once you log back in, you will not have to pay again to enter.
    • If you are logged in and only see a black screen, then the game will treat you like you are kicked out.
      • You will need to press the ESC key and the game will send out outside the zone.

Dynamis Access

How to Enter

  1. The following prerequisites apply to all Dynamis areas:
  2. Rise of the Zilart expansion pack.
  3. Level 65 or higher.
  4. Completion of Mission 5-2 for any nation.
  5. After meeting the above requirements, you must obtain One permanent key item, the Key Item “Vial of Shrouded Sand”.
  6. Zone into Xarcabard for a cutscene. (Any means of zoning in works, including Teleport-Vahzl)
  7. Trade 50,000 gil to one of the four city Trail Markings to receive another cutscene. You will then receive the permanent key item Key Item “Vial of Shrouded Sand”. The Trail Markings can be found just outside each residential area entrance in Windurst Walls, Southern San d'Oria, Bastok Mines or Ru'Lude Gardens.


The first im you Trade 50,000 gil, it will not take your gil to receive the KI.

  1. With the KeyItemVial of Shrouded Sand you are now eligible to enter Dynamis.
  2. To enter Dynamis, Trade 50,000 gil to the Trail Markings in any of the Home Nations mentioned above to enter.

NOTE If you trade the 50,000 gil and do not enter Dynamis by backing out of the Enter window, it will take your 50,000 gil and will not let you enter again without trading another 50,000 gil and waiting your 24 hour re-enter time.

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