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Welcome to Nasomi

Listed below are features new and old players alike should know about Nasomi.

the Golden Era

Nasomi is a private FFXI server dedicated to the legacy aspect of the game, circa 2006, featuring only content up to the beginning of the ToAU Expansion.


Story Time: Originally there was no plans to add ToAU access (zones, spells, jobs, etc) however back when the server was a wee little baby, one of the original players asked Nas if he could unlock a few jobs in ToAU. This is why we have access to ToAU basics, but not all of the content.

The TL;DR or F.A.Q Sections

Note that this is a player ran WIKI so anything not listed here may be one of the following topics.
Has not been added to the wiki by someone.
Has not been coded and may not be on this server.
Is on the server, but no one has updated the applicable sections.
Is listed in the wiki as not working/working but this is wrong. The person that listed it has not updated so take care of the dates.

Hardware & Client Config FAQ

Regional servers Nasomi is a single server that makes use of multiple server blades to help with a smooth play experience and limit crashing of the whole server.
Multi-Boxing Yes you can multi-box but there are limits. Check the link for rules.
Install Help There is a section to the left that outlines the install steps.
Ashita 2 There is a section to the left that outlines the config of Ashita 2.
Errors There is a section to the left that outlines the common errors.
Login problems There is a section to the left that outlines the login window.

EXP/Leveling Details

Level Sync

Active on Nasomi is Level Sync, a party leader-activated system whereby the level of all party members is restricted to that of a designated player. When this feature is activated, all members of the party will be able to receive an amount of experience points corresponding to the level of the designee, regardless of any initial disparity between them.

Level Sync will remain in effect only within the area in which it is activated, and will automatically be deactivated for all members should either the party leader or the designee leave the area. For all other players jumping to new areas, synchronization will be deactivated only for themselves.

Activating Level Sync will cause the status enhancement effects of all party members to be nullified. Since status effects such as Invisibility, Sneak, Protect, and Shell are cancelled (with the exception of effects granted through the use of an item ), please exercise caution when activating Level Sync, or when joining a party where the feature is presently active.

Level syncing is currently capped at 20 levels on Nasomi. This means, you can only sync down if your actual level is within 20 levels of the sync target. Example: if you want to declare sync on a level 20 character, only characters of level 21 through 40 will actually sync down to 20.

Field of Valor

FOV is not enabled on Nasomi. This was a feature that was added later in the lifetime of FFXI then is the era that this server is geared towards.

Experience Rings

Please do not purchase one of these rings from an Gate Guard NPC. The functionality of the rings is not implemented on this server.

Chat, Storage, Quality of Life Enhancements

==== Server Linkshell ==== The server linkshell MogHouse accepts any and all who wish to join it. To join, simply ask anyone with the pearl equip, or shout a request in any one of the starting nations.

MogHouse server-wide linkshell has been removed per Nasomi.

Race & Name Changes

  • You are able to request a name/race change once for the lifetime of your character
    • You can have your name OR race OR both changed
      • So if you only want a name change that will be your onetime change
      • Perhaps you want only the race changed (and keep your name) this also is your onetime change
      • Lastly you can have your name and race changed and this will count as your onetime change
  • You must meet ALL of the following requirements to be eligible for this service
    • Must have a job that is 50 or above
    • Must have a crafting skill that is 30 or above
    • Must not have received this service before


  • Nasomi reserves the right to veto your name or offer options not within this guide, at his purview
  • You will not be able to go Male → Female or Female → Male
    • Unless you go Galka to Mithra
  • You will not be able to pick a new hair style, hair color, or face
  • You cannot have your name changed above 10 characters.

Inventory & Storage

This section contains some Do and Don'ts for your storage needs

Some bags are accessed via the main menu:

Menu Menu page 2 View House

Approved Storage Bags

On Nasomi the following bags are enabled when you start out.

  • General Inventory (30); Can be accessed in the field & Mog House
  • Mog House (50); Can only be accessed from Mog House
  • Storage (x); Can only be accessed from Mog House
    • Must place furniture in your Mog House in order to add space.
  • Mog Locker (30); Can only be accessed from Mog House
  • Mog Satchel(30); Can be accessed in the field & Mog House
  • Mog Sack (30); Can be accessed in the field & Mog House
  • Mog Case (80); Can be accessed in the field & Mog House

To expand your storage (Satchel, Sack, General Inventory) you can do the Gobbie Bag quests. The max quest is the 7th expansion.

Armor Depositories For the basics of using these NPCs, you may want to check out this link. Keep in mind that this is a WIKI page, so some sets listed may not be implemented on Nasomi. Ask in IRC or in game if you have questions.


  • Mog Wardrobe; This is not a supported bag.
    • Please avoid placing items inside. Failure to do so may result in the loss of any items.
      • These items will not be returned.
    • Broadcasted: April-16-2015
  • Mog Safe 2; This is not enabled on Nasomi

Nas Circuit, Zones, AH, Quest, Jobs, Etc.

Travel For help with getting from zone to zone go here.
Quests/Missions For information on what jobs are on this server check the section to the left.
Jobs For information on what jobs are on this server check the section to the left.
Crafting For information on what crafts work/and general info. please check the section to the left.
Loot 1) For information on what NMs are on this server check the section to the left.
Dynamis 2) This is a section that has not been added/outlined yet.
NMs For information on what NMs are about please check the section to the left.


This section was relocated to the Zones and Travel part of the WIKI.

Auction House

The Auction Houses in each of the nations, including Jeuno, Kazham, Rabao, and Norg are all linked together. This means players can place items on the Auction House from San d'Oria and someone browsing any other AH can purchase them. Auction Houses on Nasomi do not charge a transaction fee for listing items on any AH.

Players are not limited to the number of items they can list per character on the Auction House. Players can place any number of items on the AH for sale so long as you don't check your “Sales Status” in the AH menu. Doing so will disrupt the AH menu, and become unable to place more items up for sale until you remove enough items so that only 6 are left up, or until the player changes zones or logs out of the game.

Server commands, Common terms, Non-retail Basic troubleshooting


Players have a few server commands at their disposal in case something unexpected happens and a player becomes stuck or unable to interact with the game. Simply typing any of the following commands in any chat bar will execute the command. Please use discretion before doing so, as no conformations will be given if used.

Command Function
@dieKills the player who typed the command. The death penalty is applied when using this command. Command currently disabled
@releaseInterrupts scripted server events. Use this if your game becomes unresponsive after speaking with an NPC.

Common terms that you will see on Nasomi

  • Era - The time frame of the game that was discussed above
  • HELM - Harvesting, Excavation, Logging, Mining, check out crafting for more info

Verified Bugs (by Nas)

Once the forum gets back up, this will be moved to this section.
Issue Date Nasomi's comments & question answered
temp temp temp

Other F.A.Q.

Blist can be used; Friendlist cannot. This is because friend list was saved in the PlayOnline Viewer, where as blist is server side
ToAU Zones They have been modified due to a “plague
Dynamis Each player entering should have 50k
Jobemotes They are in the game and do not require you to complete the quest to use
/jomemote SMN <t>
Spell Values are wrong Some spells list a different MP value on the spell's image, then costs to cast the spell.
This is a change that SE did to lower the cost of spells in the Feb. 2015 update on retail.
It would require an overhaul of all spell images, data-file tracking and updates.
It's unlikely to be fixed anytime soon if ever.
Sending & receiving items It is not suggested to mail items via the Delivery NPCs, as items can become stuck, lost, or otherwise unusable after being collected.
Player stuck / unable to move Players may at times find themselves somewhere they should not have be able to go; Under a map, or floating in the air.
This sometimes results from a server crash and the server mucking up your location relative to the world.
For this reason especially, we urge you to keep a “Scroll of Warp” in your inventory at all times.
They can be purchased for 10 conquest points, from any gate guard in any nation, including Jeuno.
Fame checkers Fame NPCs do not give an accurate reporting of fame on Nasomi.
The most accurate way to check fame is either by shop prices, or trying to start the quest in question or one that requires a similar or higher amount of fame; If you are not given the quest, your fame likely isn't high enough.
Weather Checkers Weather checking NPCs do not function on the server. You'll have to ask around to see what weather is currently where.
Lost items Players may sometimes receive an item but it may not immediately show up in their inventory. Do not panic; simply sort your inventory and the items should show up in your inventory.

What to Avoid

  • Using the Mog Garden Exit, without having a way to warp back.
  • Getting tricked into using @die as it can kill you along with the exp loss of being killed.
  • Using unsupported add-ons/plugins
  • Breaking the rules; Being “that guy.” Please read the rules and be a positive member of the community.
  • Having more than 4 characters on an account. If you have more than 4, it seems to cause some issues for some of the characters to be logged in.
1) A loot portal is pending once I get off my butt to make it - Petz
2) A Dynamis portal is pending once I get off my butt to make it - Petz
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