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Working on cleaning this up a bit more. Till then you can get my TL;DR in caveman Syle -Petz

Seriously go read the rules here:

How to get banned

TL;DR - You Do Bad Stuff, You Get De-Leveled or Banned

  • Use hurtful or crude language
  • Block someone's progression
  • Trick someone
  • Hacking, Use of third-party Programs or other manipulations, is bad mmm'kay?
  • Be an RMT
  • Badmouth someone else or a group of players
  • You only wish you were a GM, stop pretending

How to get banned faster

  • If a GM tells you something and you ignore it
  • After being punished for something you tell others how to do what you did.

Reporting Violations

TL;DR - You See Bad Stuff, You Report.

Please use IRC to contact Nasomi about any and all violation of the rules.

Suggested Steps

  1. For harassment, I suggest that you ask the player or players to stop the behavior.
  2. If they continue or it becomes escalated please place the person/person's on blacklist.
  3. Access IRC:
  4. Name yourself something other than Taru_####
  5. PM Nasomi for security or exploit related reports
  6. Contact Nasomi or one of the moderators (I.E. ~Potato) when you see them typing and let them know you wish to make a report and ask if you can PM them about the situation.


TL;DR - You Add Troll to BList, You Have Happy Day

  • [10:24:10] <Kubisnaxx> you should put in my name somewhere to not troll like kubisnaxx in server ls
  • Command: /blist add nameofplayer
    • /blist add Kubisnaxx

Other Details

Account Sharing

One rule not listed is the sharing of accounts is not permitted on Nasomi. He receives numerous password change requests each week that he must do by hand, which prevents him from spending time fixing more important issues. Please keep your account information private.

Multi-Boxing Limitations

# of Accounts

  • You may have up to 3 accounts logged in
  • 2 are able to be out in the field getting the EXPs
  • The 3rd can be a crafting/boat mule


  • The caveat to Multi-Boxing is for HELM.
  • You may not have 2 accounts logged in and accessing the same zone if you are undertaking HELM Activities.
  • Get a buddy and share the burden/loot if you want to use more than one person

Ashita add-ons / plugins

  • Check out Ashita for details about what is approved
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