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The Chocobo Circuit, known as NasCircuit on Nasomi, has been re-purposed and accommodated by a number of NPCs to provide an essential service. It has replaced the Nasboat as it has more room to accommodate the growing server population (and all their bazaar mules).

Where you can access it

To gain access to NasCircuit run to the Chocobo Stables in Windurst Woods, Bastok Mines or Southern Sandy and fine the NPC that asks if you want to spend 500 gil to rent a chocobo. These NPCs are usually outside the actual stables themselves.

The actual area where mules gather and NPCs can be found will be down the track to the right when you first enter. You will have 1-2 minutes of Chocobo time once you enter the circuit before you get kicked off, so run promptly to these areas if you're looking to make a speedy transition.

someone please update with name and position information

To get into Nascircuit

  • Players must currently be at least level 10 and on a job that is 10+
  • The NPC will ask if you would like to rent a Chocobo for 500 gil
  • Must have 500 gil

What NasCircuit is

NasCircuit has six useful npcs and is the major bazaar gathering area on nasomi

the three main npcs are teleport npcs (labeled in green) and will teleport you from the NasCircuit to one of the three nations. once you talk to one of these npcs there is no prompt, you will be immediately teleported to that npcs nation and will have to pay another 500 gil to get back into NasCircuit. Make sure you choose the right npc the first time

The other three are merchant npcs (labeled in blue) selling some black magic, white magic and fishing equipment

All six npcs are in the upper area of the NasCircuit, you can get to the upper area by talking to any of the npcs along the north wall where all the bazaars (labeled with brown) congregate

NasCircuit FAQ

Q. What is the NasCircuit?
A. It's the Chocobo Circuit repurposed as a place for mules to open Bazaars and allow fast travel between kingdoms
Q.Anything cool on the boat?
A. There are some NPCs that sell items and spells, others send you form the circuit to the three kingdoms.
This is the defecto Bazaar location as Jeuno and White Gate are not really populated. Also no sales Tax like you may see when viewing mules that are selling items within the Kingdoms!
  • There are also 2 NPCs that sell White Magic and Black Magic Scrolls
  • A few NPCs that are connected to the Auction house, on the uppe rlevel; which all AH are connected across the server

Travel Methods


For more information on cost of using an OP and the supplies quest please check out the link.

Region Location
Gustaberg North Gustaberg D-10
Ronfaure West Ronfaure G-9
Sarutabaruta West Sarutabaruta H-6
Kolshushu Buburimu Peninsula
Zulkheim Valkurm Dunes H-7
Norvallen Jugner Forest I-8
Aragoneu Meriphataud Mountains E-5
Derfland Pashhow Marshlands K-6
Qufim Qufim Island F-6
Elshimo Lowlands Yuhtunga Jungle G-11
Li'Telor The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah H-9
Kuzotz Eastern Altepa Desert F-10
Tavnazian Archipelago 1) Lufaise Meadows E-8
Fauregandi Beaucedine Glacier H-9
Elshimo Uplands Yhoator Jungle I-8
Valdeaunia Xarcabard H-9
Vollbow Cape Teriggan G-8


The [KI] Chocobo License is required to rent a Chocobo.

Airship & Boats

The following is the information that can be used to travel around Nasomi using Boats/Airships.

Each time you wish to board a ship, you will be asked to pay a fee to enter the docks. You can exit for free, but it is only a one-way exit. To reenter the areas beyond the ticket counter, you will need to pay again.


Airships require an airship pass to take you from one destination to the other. To gain access to the airships please check these links.

Kazham Departure and arrival times: World Time link
☆ Requires: Kazham Airship Quest
☆ purchased from Guddal in Port Jeuno for 148,000g
Jeuno Departure and arrival times: World Time link
☆ Requires: Completion of Rank 5 in your nation
☆ purchased from Derrick in Lower Jeuno for 500,000g.


Some boats require an pass to take you from one destination to the other.

Selbina ↔ Mhaura Ferry Departure and arrival times World Time
Mhaura ↔ Aht Urhgan Whitegate 3 departure/arrival times
☆ Requires Key Item: Boarding Permit
Aht Urhgan Whitegate ↔ Nashmau 3 departure/arrival times
Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle Departure and arrival times
☆ Requires Key Item: Manaclipper Ticket
☆ Requires Key Item: Manaclipper Multi-ticket

Spells & Items


White Mage Teleportation will transport qualified party members

Crag of Mea Crag of Dem Crag of Holla

Altepa Gate Crystal Yhoat Gate Crystal Vahzl Gate Crystal
The Missing Piece Missionary Man Sorcery of the North


1) Cannot obtain supply mission for Tavnazian Archipelago until completing PM 4-1 Sheltering Doubt.
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