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The history of linkshells on Nasomi

For recruitment please visit the forums.

Status Types:
Active - (High/Regular Activity)
Inactive - (Irregular Activity)
Defunct - (Broken Shell or Abandoned)

Status Notes
Allegiance Active Social LS
Alpha Active Endgame LS
BastokRepublic Active Social LS
BestinSlotLS Active Social LS
Demo Defunct Merged with NMinc.
Dragonsong Active Social LS
Eminence Active Endgame LS
GovernmentMuscle Active Social LS
GrindHouse Defunct The orginal MogHouse
Hideout Active Social LS
ImmortalAdvents Active Endgame LS
KupoRepublic EU based
Moghouse Active Server LS
NMinc. Active Endgame LS
No Defunct Now Yes
Opulence Defunct Endgame LS
RarabsRevenge Defunct Now RarabsVengence
RarabsVengence Defunct Social LS
Spoondaggerz Defunct Changed to SpoondaggersXI
SpoondaggersXI Active Endgame LS - Website
ThatWay Active Social LS Website
Yes Active Endgame LS
ZeroGil Active Social/Quest
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