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Welcome to the Quest Portal!

This page will have details and submissions about the Missions and Questions on Nasomi. To help keep the page focused, this is the main landing page that talks about the basics. For details about a specific quests and missions please visit the links below.

Page is a work in progress - Petz

Limit Break

A.K.A = LB or Genkai


  • All Limit Breaks from 50-75 are implemented. 75 being the Cap level on Nasomi
  • Although you can access BLU/PUP/COR, you should not attempt to unlock 70-75 on these jobs first. The quest items are not in the game. Please use another job to kick Maat's butt.

By City/Location

San d'Oria






  • For Holiday Events, and the quests associated with them, please visit the Event's page!
  • For Advanced Job quests, please check the corresponding job page.
  • For information on Chocobo Riding check the Chocobo quest.
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