1-56 Carp Route Fishing Guide by Saltymelon

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  • Yields 4-6k Carp (Forest and Moat) at 56 skill

1-5 Port Bastok Halcyon + Little worm Jellyfish, Sardines. (You can most likely skip straight to Yuhtunga, was just testing it out for an hour or so)

5-20 Yuhtunga Jungle Halcyon + Insect paste Moat Carp, Forest Carp (Forest Carp can be turned in for Lu Shang quest as well)

20-33 West Sarutabaruta Halcyon + Insect paste Moat carp, Dark Bass

33-36 Post Bastok Halcyon + Worm Lure Zafmlug Bass (So here we chould have went with Zeruhn Mines or some such and done carp + black eel, but there is just so much extra crap in the water with it, Catfish and crayfish. I decided to skill this gap quickly and move on.)

36-56 Windurst Waters Halcyon + Insect paste Moat carp, Gold carp