2018 Halloween SPOOOOOKtacular

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The 2018 Halloween SPOOOOOKtacular! launched on October 31st, 2018 and ended the following night. It was essentially and extension of the 2018 Harvest Festival.

Official Announcement

We have one more trick up our sleeve! In Bastok Markets, Windurst Waters, and Northern San'doria, you will have the opportunity to get in costume and listen to a special super secret ghost's stories! Bonus if you do it in all 3 nations! This event will end at 8pm tomorrow night.

Event Guide

You had to track down an NPC that is only partially visible and interact with them 11 times in total to earn prizes. You could only advance your progress with the quest once every 5 minutes and progress is lost for that particular zone if you leave the zone.

You had to talk to the NPC from behind while your costume buff is on (either from Festive Moogle once every 5 minutes or from Skeleton Robe from event). If you talked to it from the front or without the costume buff, it would depop and teleport elsewhere. The NPCs also appeared to depop after so much time had passed.

Event Text

While advancing through the quest with each NPC, they would give the following lines of text:

  • You've joined the procession.
  • You can't stop now. You've just started!
  • You've only just begun.
  • There's still a long way to go.
  • Hope you didn't make any other plans, you're not even close to being finished.
  • Almost halfway.
  • It's still a little too early to go back.
  • Leave the procession now and someone might be peeved.
  • Just a little longer...
  • You're almost done!
  • Alright! It's time to collect your reward!


These NPCs teleport around each zone and are barely visible to players. Their names did not display above their heads.

Northern San d'Oria - Poseaulloie
Windurst Waters - Bikho Ronpotteh
Bastok Markets - Selma


For completing each city, you earned prizes by talking to the NPC the 11th time while meeting the condition.

1st City - CovenHat.PNG

2nd City - NovennialDresss.PNG
3rd City - NovennialThighBoots.PNG

Some players ended up receiving some other prizes such as Ginger Cookies, but it is not apparent if that was a bug or intended.


The best strategy when you find it is to pop your buff, talk to it, and then move away a little bit and wait the 5 minutes cooldown. That way others know you're waiting and can locate the NPC. If people work together, this is much less of a PITA.