2018 Harvest Festival

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2018 Harvest Festival

The main goal is to "scare" various NPCs into giving you their juicy items. In order to get those items you must be under the effect of a costume given to you by a Festive Moogle in any of the major cities. Once under the effect of a costume walk up BEHIND the NPC and talk to them. They will give you an item. If you do it from any direction but behind them you will only be given a food item. There are 13 total items. You are only able to get one real item from each NPC, after that they will chastise you saying not to be a beggar and remove your costume. So once you have a real item from each NPC, cross it off your list. Food items don't count toward this limit.

If you get a message saying "Obtained: ." this means you have all of the available items.

Taklk to a Festive Moogle to get started. They should be located right outside the Mog House in the areas below.

NPC List For Port San d'Oira

Vounebariont H-10
Solgierte H-10
Meinemelle H-10
Answald J-10
Ceraulian I-10
Fontoumant H-9
Bonarpant H-9
Altiret I-8
Jaireto I-8
Brifalien H-8
Pomilla H-8
Teilsa F-9
Liloune G-7
Milva H-7

NPC List for Port Bastok

Valah Molkot J-12
Nicadio L-7
Zoby Quhyo J-7
Tiger Tooth J-7
Corann K-6
Tete I-5
Zeldaff H-5
Gudav H-5
Agapito G-6
Kagetora F-6
Mathurin F-6
Tilian F-8
Panana D-7
Raving Opossum J-11 (this dude doesnt seem to have gear but will give treats)

NPC List for Lower Jeuno

Zauko I-6
Danzhor H-7
Kikilolo H-9
Subash I-7
Mesukiki I-7
Nantoto H-8
Omer G-10

NPC List for Windurst Walls

Kohpo-Akuppo (G-13) Eerie Cloak
Ojha Rhawash (C-13) Pumpkin Head
Mehruru (H-11) Horror Head
Karija-Marija (J-12) Trick Staff
Takoda (H-10) Treat Staff
Migi Centa (I-9) Pitch Fork
Moan-Moan (J-6) Skeleton Robe
Florencia (K-6) Eerie Cloack +1
Finene (I-5) Pumpkin Head II
Aromu-Oromu (F-9) Horror Head II
Kalupa-Tawalupa (F-7) Trick Staff II
Bonchacha (F-7) Treat Staff II
Suhie-Kaihie (D-6) Pitch Fork +1
Naih Arihmepp (F-5)

Item List

Item Stats/Effect
Pitchfork Pitchfork.PNG
Pitchfork +1 Pitchfork1.PNG

Increases Movement Speed by 12% while under the effects of any Costume. (Can pair this with the Skeleton Robe item from the event)

Trick staff TrickStaff.PNG
Trick staff II TrickStaff2.PNG
Treat staff TrickStaff2.PNG

Active in all areas. This effect is triggered as an Additional Effect when attacking monsters; when the effect activates, you will be Warped to your Home Point. This Additional Effect can trigger on missed attacks and Weapon Skills. There is no animation present when this effect activates, you will simply disappear and reappear at your Home Point.

Treat staff II TreatStaff2.PNG
Pumpkin head PumpkinHead.PNG
Pumpkin head II PumpkinHead2.PNG
Horror head RareExclusive


Horror head II HorrorHead2.PNG
Eerie cloak File:EerieCloak.PNG
Eerie cloak +1 File:EerieCloak1.PNG

Latent effect: Active while the level of your Main Job is a multiple of 13 and Nighttime. (I.E. 18:00-06:00 and Level 13, 26, 39, 52, 65, 78 and 91.)

Skeleton robe SkeletonRobe.PNG

* Item List taken from Vitalus on the forums
NPC lists taken from both Mijin and Lempo on the forums.

2018 Halloween SPOOOOOKtacular!

There's another special event launched on Halloween night.

For this event you must be wearing a costume. You can either use one of the Festival Moogles if they are available or the Skeleton Robe item you got from the previous event. In each city there is a ghostly NPC that randomly teleports to a new location every few minutes. You MUST talk to her from behind and you MUST be in costume. You must wait for 5 minutes before talking to her an additional time. A full 5 minutes. If you talk to her without a costume buff or before your 5 minutes are up you will cause her to teleport to a new location and then the whole zone will have to be searched again. So please don't ruin it for others. The best thing to do is just move away from the NPC to wait your 5 minutes, to avoid accidental clicking.

The NPC is a ghostly NPC that is almost see through and has no name tag. She can be hard to find. Shouting in the zone for location usually helps if others have found her.

Don't rely on your character model to see if you're in costume. Check the buff. You model will stay as a costume even after the buff has faded. Don't zone or you'll have to start over.

Sand O'ria: Poseaulloie

Once you talk to her you will be given a line of text. Each time you talk to her you get a new line. After line 11 you get your reward. You get a new reward from each city completed.

The lines of text below are:
1. You've joined the procession.
2. You can't stop now. You've just started!
3. You've only just begun.
4. There's still a long way to go.
5. Hope you didn't make any other plans, you're not even close to being finished.
6. Almost halfway.
7. It's still a little too early to go back.
8. Leave the procession now and someone might be peeved.
9. Just a little longer...
10. You're almost done!
11. Alright! It's time to collect your reward!