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Artifact Equipment (AF)

Artifact Equipment is Job specific gear that you can acquire though the completion of quest and the opening of Coffers. There is a total of 6 pieces per job, including your job specific weapon.

These pieces are made available at the following levels follows:

| lvl 40-ish (Weapon) | lvl 52 | lvl 54 | lvl 56 | lvl 58 | lvl 60 |

The gear associated to the lvl 52 through to 60 slots changes depending on the job you are playing.

All jobs do however follow the same format of 2 x Quested items involving the destruction of a forced spawned NM, 2 x items obtained from opening a Coffer in a particular zone and 1 x Hybrid quested/coffer item obtained from acquiring 'Old Gauntlets' from a Coffer and completing a quest resulting in the destruction of Dark Spark.

At your convenience, the links below provide you with all the job specific details you need to know on acquiring you jobs Artefact Equipment. These guides have been tailored to the ERA style play of Nasomi Server. Because retail is loleasy.


Bard Beastmaster Black Mage
Blue Mage Corsair Dark Knight
Dragoon Monk Ninja
Paladin Puppetmaster Ranger
Red Mage Samurai Summoner
Thief Warrior White Mage
Known Issues with Artifact Completion

At this time the coding for the questing of COR, PUP and BLU AF has not been completed. Without the coding of the quests you can not gain the AF pieces.