Atop the Highest Mountains

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Starting NPC Maat - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 51
Items Needed Round Frigicite

Square Frigicite
Triangular Frigicite

Repeatable No
Title Granted Summit Breaker
Reward Raises level cap to 60
Previous Quest Next Quest
In Defiant Challenge Whence Blows the Wind



  • Maat asks you to retrieve three pieces of Frigicite from Xarcabard.
  • The Frigicite are found in caves at I-6, J-6, and G-10. Each piece of Frigicite is guarded by a NM that has True Sight and True Hearing. Defeat each NM, and quickly run in and touch the ??? to receive the rewards (key items): You do not need to be in the party killing them to receive the "Something in the ice shifted" text and attain your reward (Just close by to check the ???).
    • Due to the update on Feb 23, 2012 causing the ??? to always be present, you do not need to defeat the NMs if you run past them and click the ???.
  1. Boreal Tiger. The reward is the Key Item Round Frigicite.
  2. Boreal Coeurl. The reward is the Key Item Square Frigicite.
  3. Boreal Hound. The reward is the Key Item Triangular Frigicite.
  • On Nasomi the ??? does not spawn until the mobs die. You must wait for the corpse to disapear before you will get your Key Item.
  • These NMs have fairly quick respawn rates (around 5 minutes, as in normal zone mobs). Touch the ??? quickly.
  • If the NMs aggro you, they'll follow you for several seconds, then they'll immediately start casting a spell. Take this time to run out of their range, because if you do, they'll lose hate and they'll return to their spawn point.
  • Once you have retrieved the three pieces of Frigicite, simply return to Maat to complete the quest.