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OWNMs are Open World Notorious Monsters. They're open world battles with Wyvern NMs that drop BCNM loot. They are challenging, but rewarding, providing a way to get BCNM loot without doing BCNMs.

Players who have never experienced an OWNM are recommended to join an experienced group before they form a group of all new players.


OWNMs are named after a nearby monster
  • OWNMs loot tables match the loot table of their corresponding BCNM
  • Your party will be level sync'd to their level
    • You will need a party and a working strategy. Face tanking them, especially the lower level ones, is particularly difficult due to their breath attacks.
    • OWNMs are RDM Wyverns that also use all standard Adamantoise-family weapon skills, instead of the typical Wyvern moves.
  • Time and party size impact their drop rates
    • Alliances and going over time (15-25min) results in 0 drops
    • Below 50%, they Cure themselves periodically
    • While Nasomi claims that TH has no effect, some say it may have some effect.
  • They respawn after 12 hrs.


BLM Burn

The ideal party setup for taking down OWNMs will almost always include some form of kiting. BLMs are able to do damage from afar, and can do significant amounts when they need to, allowing them to swap aggro from each other and kite more effectively.

  • You will need a RDM for Gravity. This is essential. You might even want a 2nd one, or perhaps a SMN with Leviathan available to backup Gravity. Gravity will need to be kept on the OWNM at all times. The OWNM may have Blink up before you begin fighting, so start the fight with diaga or another AoE instead of Gravity.
  • Use consumables. Yagudo Drinks, and food like Fruit Parfaits are going to ensure that you meet the damage threshold easier, as well as more consistently do damage.
  • Use Burn to reduce the OWNM's INT to help with nukes.
  • Kite around an object, not just out in the open. This will cause the OWNM to re-calculate pathfinding over and over, which might cause it to reverse direction, and save you time you would have spent kiting, doing damage. The stone fence next to the Rolanberry Fields OWNM40 is one good example.
  • An extra person, outside the party who can gather up the nearby monsters who might aggro your party while resting, can be helpful and open up areas for kiting.
  • Try to stay separated so that Diaga doesn't hit more than his target, allowing the other BLMs to rest.
  • That being said, rest as much as possible. Don't waste time running around with 0 MP unless you're the one kiting at the time.
  • Ninja subjob may be effective if you have access to Utsusemi: Ichi, allowing you to survive if it gets in range after a botched Gravity. Dual wield will also improve your damage by giving you access to another +INT wand.

This strategy can be done using any form of ranged damage where the caster or attacker is safe from immediate danger, but was written more specifically with BLMs in mind.

List of known OWNMs

Name Battle Level Zone Notable Drops
Sand Hare Wings of Fury 20 Valkurm Dunes (I-8) Astral Ring, Gobbiebag 75/80 items?
Canyon Crawler Shooting Fish 20 Tahrongi Canyon (I-8) Gobbiebag 75/80 items?
Steppe Hare Crustacean Conundrum 20 La Theine Plateu (E-5) Gobbiebag 75/80 items?
Mist Lizard Charming Trio 20 Konschat Highlands Gobbiebag 75/80 items?
Troika Bats Inner Horutoto Ruins
Watch Lizard Ghelsba Outpost
Giddeus Bee Dropping Like Flies 30 Giddeus (H-6) Emperor Hairpin, Erase
Wandering Sapling Birds of a Feather 30 Jugner Forest (F-9) Latent Belts, Utsusemi: Ni
Wadi Hare Harem Scarem 30 Dangruf Wadi (H-10)
Pit Hare 30 Palborough Mines (G-7) Map 1
Sylvestre Creeping Doom 30 Buburimu Peninsula (F-7) Latent Earrings
Stink Bat Toadal Recall 30 Outer Horutoto Ruins (H-5)
Bog Bunny Carapace Combatants 30 Pashow Marshlands (H-9)
Death Wasp Royal Succession 40 Rolanberry Fields (H-12)
Mayfly Royal Jelly 40 Batalia Downs (G-8) Erase, Utsusemi: Ni, Refresh
Davoi Hornet The Worm's Turn 40 Davoi (L-8) Refresh, Utsusemi: Ni
Bastion Bats Steamed Sprouts 40 Castle Oztroja (H-7) Map 1 Refresh, Utsusemi: Ni
Siege Bat Tails of Woe 40 Garlaige Citadel (I-9) Map 1 Blitz Ring
Ominous Weapon 40 Ro'maeve (L-8)
Seeker Bats Under Observation 40 Ordelle's Caves (J-7) Peacock Charm, Refresh, Utsusemi: Ni
Hill Lizard Factory Rejects 40 Sauromugue Champaign (K-9) Phalanx, Erase, Utsusemi: Ni
40 Ranguemont Pass (E-9)
Lost Soul Eye of the Tiger 50 Xarcabard (I-8)
Desert Spider Hostile Herbivores 50 Western Altepa Desert (L-7) Latent Rings
Bat Eye 3, 2, 1... 50 Beaucedine Glacier (H-9) RSE Belts
Robber Crap Idol Thoughts 50 Kuftal Tunnel
Bleeder Leech Treasure and Tribulations 50 Maze of Shakhrami (H-6) Map 1 Latent Rings, Wyvern Scales
Worker Crawler Rapid Raptors 50 Yhoator Jungle (I-7) Spiked Finger Gauntlets
Beach Bunny Awful Autopsy 50 Cape Terrigan (G-10) Sly Gauntlets
Wekufe Celery 60 Fei'Yin (J-9) Map 1 Knightly Mantle
Bark Spider Shots in the Dark 60 The Boyahda Tree (J-6) Map 1 Trainer's Wristbands
Bark Tarantula Up In Arms 60 Dragon's Aery (H-8) Oxblood
Mindcraver Wild Wild Whiskers 60 Toraimarai Canal (F-8) Penitent's Rope, Kraken Club
Velociraptor Amphibian Assault 60 Valley of Sorrow (J-8) Torques
Variable Hare Brothers D'Aurphe 60 Uleguerand Range (G-10) Level 60 RSE Feet, Cross-counters
Magic Urn Demolition Squad 60 Upper Delkfutt (I-6), Floor 10 Level 60 RSE Hands
Temple Opo-opo Dismemberment Brigade 60 Temple of Uggalepih (E-11) Map 1 Assault Earring
Dire Bat Divine Punishers 60 Den of Rancor (F-7) Map 1 Ochimusha Kote, Fuma Kyahan
Robber Crab Grimshell Shocktroopers 60 Sea Serpent Grotto (E-11) Map 4 Assault Earring
Succubus Bats Jungle Boogymen 60 Newton Movalpolos (F-8) Torques
Moblin Coalman Kindred Spirits 60 Oldton Movalpolos (I-8)
Darksteel Quadav Legion Xi Comitanesis 60 Qulun Dome (J-7) Torques

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