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Configuring the Launcher
What is Ashita 2

Ashita 2 is similar to Windower, it calls the bootloader to allow multiboxing and limited plugin support.

Configuring Ashita 2

Ashita is fully configured to connect to Nasomi out of the box if you are installing using the installer, however, below are the steps to connect to Nasomi:

  • Locate one of your login Configurations and highlight it by clicking.
  • Click the Pen icon in the blue portion of the window.
  • Under the Ashita Tab the following should be listed
  • Boot Settings: **.\\ffxi-bootmod\boot.exe**
    • Boot Command: **--server --hairpin**
      • If you are not copying the text, please note that there are 2 dashes "- -" before server and before hairpin
  • Start Up Script: default.txt
  • Language in English
  • Leave the Logging Level as Debugging
  • Under the Windows Tab
    • You have the option to change languages
    • Set the game to display in a windowed mode
    • Set a resolution
      • Please make sure that your resolution matches a resolution that your video drivers can display!
      • See troubleshooting for information on proper resolution settings.
  • Click the Check mark at the bottom to save your settings
FAQ about Ashita 2
  • Q. Can I get in trouble for loading all of these cool looking plug-ins?
  • Q. It doesn't say that in the Rules...
    • A. Check out the Game Balance section of the rules.
  • Q. Which plugins/addons are authorized?
    • A. distance, tparty, timestamp, and recast.