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NasomiXI Installer

Thanks to the new NasomiXI Installer, installation is easier than ever!

If you need help configuring the launcher, click Configuring the Launcher

Troubleshooting Help

  • If you have kaspersky antivirus software, it WILL delete the launcher! You must make an exception for C:\Program Files (x86)\NasomiXI\ or disable it.
  • If you have any other antivirus software, it MAY delete ashita files! If it does, recover those files, then make an exception for C:\Program Files (x86)\NasomiXI\.
  • To be on the safe side, please always use the Run As Administrator option to run any program.
  • The Retail FFXI installation suggested that you turn off your virus scanner prior to installing the game This may not be a bad idea if you are having problems with your installation.
  • If you have a NON English OS, you may run into some difficulty using this installer. Please visit NasChat for support with installing.
  • Check the Troubleshooting page for more troubleshooting or visit naschat.
  • The reason that anti-virus programs think there may be some issue is because the launcher "Hooks" into memory of another running program (the official FFXI launcher.) to do things like change the server IP address you connect to (so you connect to Nasomi) etc.

Launching on XP

Windows XP won't run Ashita, the launcher Nasomi uses. To launch on XP, navigate to ...NasomiXI\SquareEnix\Ashita\ffxi-bootmod\ and right click boot.exe and create a shortcut. Use this shortcut to run the game.

You may want to run the FFXI config and set up your graphics settings. Launching in true fullscreen will often not work - try setting it to windowed fullscreen instead.

Retail/Nasomi swap

This guide assumes you've used the NasomiXI installer, 64 bit windows, and default install directories, and a working installation of Retail too. If any of the paths given don't match, edit the files accordingly.

In addition to using the correct launcher: To make FFXI launch your retail files, run the RetailDLL.bat file. To make FFXI launch your nasomi files, run the NasomiDLL.bat file.

Transferring Macros and Configs

Simply copy the USER folder from your previous installation to the new one. The USER folder can be found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\NasomiXI\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\".

Transferring Macros and Configs from another server

Macros are stored in your USER folder, in folders that are named according to your SERVER SPECIFIC character ID. In order to transfer your macros, you need to figure out which folder corresponds to which character for both servers. For the server you are transferring to, this should be easy: upon making your character, keep track of what folder is made in your USER folder. If the folder is not created on character creation, it will be after logging out of that character.

You can then use the process of elimination replacing the contents of your new character's folder with the contents of one of the folders in your old USER folder, one by one.

Installation on Mac/Linux using WINE

FFXI (and Nasomi by extension) run perfectly under WINE. However, Ashita, the launcher, will not run in WINE, so you will be playing with no plugins or addons. Nasomi severely restricts which plugins/addons can be used, so you aren't missing much.

Warning: AMD card users may need to use WINE 3.8 or earlier for FFXI to launch. If your game is crashing with "GL_INVALID_OPERATION in glVertexAttribPointer(non-VBO array)" you are affected.

0. Install WINE on your linux machine by running sudo dnf install wine or sudo apt install wine. On MAC, grab the "WINE stable" version here: Use a 32-bit Wine prefix.

1. Download the newest Nasomi installer. Extract, then run the installer.

2. Download the file

3. Either create a backup of your existing in your /usr/lib/wine/ folder (or wherever WINE DLLs are stored on a MAC), placing the new in its place, or use the DLL override ability in WINE and specify this DLL.

4. Installation complete! Few more steps for setting up your graphics and launching the game...

5. Run the FINAL FANTASY XI Config.exe, or run wine "/home/USERNAME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/NasomiXI/SquareEnix/FINAL FANTASY XI/ToolsUS/FINAL FANTASY XI Config.exe" in your terminal to configure your graphics. Borderless windowed mode or Windowed mode are highly recommended.

6. To finally launch the game, run the boot.exe file found in ..Program Files/NasomiXI/SquareENix/Ashita/ffxi-bootmod/ or in your terminal run wine "/home/USERNAME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/NasomiXI/SquareEnix/Ashita/ffxi-bootmod/boot.exe". On Mac OS Sierra, wine "/users/USERNAME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/NasomiXI/SquareEnix/Ashita/ffxi-bootmod/boot.exe"

If stuck in a login loop, try clearing out your old Wine prefix files and installations and then reinstalling Nasomi onto a new Wine prefix and then rebooting before launching.