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One Click NasomiXI Installer

Thanks to the new One Click NasomiXI Installer, installation is easier than ever!

Just head over here and grab a download of the beta installer.

NasomiXI Installer Instructions

The current installer is v17, if you don't have a file in the installer folder called v17, you might want to get the latest one from the downloads section.

  • The installer must be run as administrator. It will prompt you to do so if you don't.
  • It will prompt you to enter a drive letter for your installation. If you move the folder later, the game won't work.
    • If you need to change the drive after you've installed the game, it's recommended that you just run the installer again.
  • Roughly 1-5 minutes into the install a window will pop up and start copying files. That's the core install.
  • After that's complete, it will patch some files, register some DLL's, update the registry, and place a config and launcher file on your desktop.
  • The last part will be to launch Microsoft VC++ Runtime 2015, if you have it already you can click cancel.
  • You're done! Click the launcher on your desktop and it'll open and show your default options.

If you need help configuring the launcher, click Configuring the Launcher

Troubleshooting Help

  • If you have kaspersky antivirus software, it WILL delete the launcher! You must make an exception for C:\NasomiXI\ or disable it.
  • To be on the safe side, please always use the Run As Administrator option to run any program.
  • The Retail FFXI installation suggested that you turn off your virus scanner prior to installing the game This may not be a bad idea if you are having problems with your installation.
  • If you have a NON English OS, you may run into some difficulty using this installer. Please visit NasChat for support with installing.
  • If the launcher on your desktop closes quickly when opened, navigate to the C:\NasomiXI\Ashita\ folder (or whichever drive you installed to) and launch Ashita.exe directly. You can place a shortcut on your desktop from Ashita. Try running the installer a 2nd time if opening directly through Ashita does not work.
  • You can't move the install afterwards. Keep it in the location it installs to or ask for help in naschat if you want to move it.
  • Check the Troubleshooting page for more troubleshooting.

Transferring Macros and Configs

Simply copy the USER folder from your previous installation to the new one. The USER folder can be found in "..\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\".