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Common Problems with the Installation

Launcher closes quickly when opened

  • Cause: There was an error with the path you selected during installation.
  • Fix: Go to the C:\NasomiXI\Ashita\ folder (or whichever drive you installed to) and launch Ashita.exe directly. You can place a shortcut on your desktop from Ashita.

DISM error 87 during installation

  • Cause: DISM is used to enable DirectPlay, a legacy windows feature that is required to launch FFXI. Windows 7 does not allow for DISM to enable DirectPlay because DirectPlay is already enabled on Windows 7, so you don't need to worry about this on Windows 7.
  • Fix: To enable DirectPlay, press WindowsKey+X at the same time, then select Programs and Features. In the top left, there is a button that says Turn Windows features on or off. Find Legacy Components in the window that shows up and make sure the checkbox next to DirectPlay is enabled.

"Sending Key.. Closing.." and nothing happens

  • Cause: If you're on a 32 bit system, the registry file is buggy in the v17 of the installer
  • Fix: Within your installer folder, find the 64 bit registry file. Right click, edit, ctrl+h (find+replace) "\WOW6432Node" with a blank. This will make the paths look like: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PlayOnlineUS] instead of [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\PlayOnlineUS]. If you used a drive other than C during installation, edit the file to reflect this. Save the file, run it, and then you should be able to run the game.
  • Cause: The game is not installed.
  • Fix: Check for the directory "C:\NasomiXI" (or D:\.. etc if you choose to use a different install location) and make sure it exists. If not, you need to run the installer again. It can take anywhere from 30min-2hr. It should not be instant.
  • Cause: DirectPlay is not enabled.
  • Fix: Although DirectPlay is enabled by the installer and by default on Windows 7, something may have gone wrong. To enable DirectPlay, press WindowsKey+X at the same time, then select Programs and Features. In the top left, there is a button that says Turn Windows features on or off. Find Legacy Components in the window that shows up and make sure the checkbox next to DirectPlay is enabled.
  • Cause: Your Ashita folder is in a write protected area like \program files\
  • Fix: Dont put Ashita in \program files\
  • Fix: Within your ashita folder, locate ffxi-bootmod\pol\pol.exe and make sure it is not set as "read-only" under Properties.
  • Cause: You are trying to use the installation from Steam
  • Fix: The Steam version is unsupported, please use the standalone installer found here.
  • NEVER USE FILE REPAIR: this was a potential solution when we still used the old install method. NEVER use the file repair feature in playonline!

Failed to initialize instance of polcore

  • Cause: DLL registration failed.
  • Fix: Run the installer again but click "cancel" when the file transfer pops up (you don't need the files to be moved a 2nd time). This will re-do everything that the installer does, including register the DLLs needed to play the game. Alternatively, make a copy of the Install.bat file, right click the copy and open it with notepad to edit it. Find the lines starting with regsvr32 (they'll all be together). Press Ctrl+H, and replace %drive% with the drive you installed into (for example, C). Delete all other lines. Save the file, then run it.

MSVCP140.dll is missing

  • Cause: Components of Microsoft Visual C++ redist are missing
  • Fix: Go here to obtain the latest directly from Microsoft; namely 2015 for x86 REGARDLESS of what version of Windows you're using.

api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing

  • Cause: Components of Microsoft Visual C++ are out of date
  • Fix: Perform a Windows Update after installing the C++ redist packages.

pol.exe or boot.exe crashes when launching the game

  • Cause: For some setups, the Ashita Direct3d8 to Direct3d9 proxy causes a crash
  • Fix: Delete the files d3d8.dll and d3d8.ini if you installed them from your Ashita\ffxi-bootmod folder.
  • Possible Fix: Don't enable the shadow flickering fix in the d3d8.ini as this can cause crashes.
  • Cause: Roxio gamecap software hooks into boot.exe and causes a crash. Event viewer blames the dsfOggDemix2.dll for the crash.
  • Fix: Uninstall Roxio software. It is either buggy or incompatible with FFXI.
  • Cause: Corrupt user folder.
  • Fix: Go to C:\NasomiXI\SquareEnix\Final Fantasy XI\USER\ folder and delete the folders inside. Warning: This will erase all of your macros and in-game settings.

pol.exe or boot.exe crashes when creating a character

  • Cause: For some setups, the character creation screen causes a crash. This is usually related to the Ashita Direct3d8 to Direct3d9 proxy, but there is a workaround that allows you to continue using the proxy.
  • Fix: Launch the FFXI config. Enable "Simplified Character Creation".

Ashita connection issues, error 522, timeout etc

  • Cause: Ashita server is down.
  • Fix: Use the desktop launcher, "NasomiXI Launcher.bat" instead of launching Ashita directly. Ashita launches with the --noupdate flag when using the desktop launcher, skipping the connection to the Ashita server.

Stuck "Downloading data..."

  • Cause: Network communication issue, the current infrastructure of Nasomi requires that players use the hairpin switch. hairpin is enabled by default so this shouldn't be required.
  • Fix: Edit your profile(s) in Ashita and make sure your Command is set to: --server --hairpin
  • Cause: Your character is still logged in.
  • Fix: Visit the [status page] and see if you're still online. You have to wait until you disappear from that page before you can log in. This can take several minutes. Trying to log on while the server thinks you are disconnecting will cause the disconnect timer to reset, causing you to wait several minutes again. Please be patient while waiting for your character to disconnect.
  • Cause: Rarely, improper shutdown of the client can corrupt some files being written to in the USER directory (macros, in-game configuration settings, and so on). If this happens, the resulting symptom will be a long black screen "Downloading Data..." followed by a crash.
  • Fix: Try making a backup of \SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\USER\ and then deleting the USER folder (or individual files within the USER folder to determine the exact ones that have been corrupted).

Stuck "Checking name and gold world pass"

  • Cause: Your character name is already taken on the server
  • Fix: Re-launch the game. Use a new name. You must relaunch the game if you get stuck on this error. All subsequent attempts to use the same name will get stuck at this point until you re-launch the game.

FFXI Error Codes

FFXI-3005 Character Stuck/Game Server Offline/Crashed

  • Wait 2-5 min continued login after this error could get you error 3001. Trying before you have been disconnected from the server resets this timer: [check the status page]

FFXI-3305 Character Stuck/Login Server Offline

  • Your character is still connected according to the server.
  • Wait about 2 - 5 mins and try again. Trying before you have been disconnected from the server resets this timer: [check the status page]
  • Make sure you are using the --hairpin fix (see above).

FFXI-3322 (in Japanese)

  • The name you're using is invalid.
  • It's probably just too long. Use a shorter name, with a maximum of 13 letters.

FFXI-3101 Network Connection

  • Your name may be taken. Close the client and try a new name.
  • You can only have one character per account.
  • A problem with the connection between you and the server.
  • Try power cycling your router/modem, check your firewall, or try and restart the computer.

POL-0033 Connection refused by server.

  • Restart your computer and try connecting again.
  • Go to your network connections and right click the one your using, and try "repair". this clears your cache and "renews" ip.
  • Try power cycling your modem, this can clear on connection issues as well.

POL-1160 This shouldn't happen as we don't use PlayOnline

  • You appear to have attempted to connect to the Retail servers.

FFXI Client Problems

Launching two clients, or Game frozen, can hear sounds and move, but your screen stays still

  • Cause: User Access Control (UAC) is a Windows feature that helps prevent programs from running without your consent, but the manner in which it darkens the screen will induce the ffxi renderer to completely crash.
  • Fix: Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control settings > change the slider down to "do not dim my desktop".

UI cut off, scaling issues

  • If using a display DPI that isn't 100% (the default for W10 on 1080p is not 100%!!!!) Navigate to NasomiXI\SquareEnix\Ashita and right click "Ashita.exe" (not boot.exe or pol.exe), select "Properties". Under the compatibility tab, check the "Override high DPI scaling behavior." box and set "Scaling performed by: " to "Application".
Ashita Settings
  • Window Size is the size of the game on your screen. For a "Fullscreen" effect, match this to your monitor's resolution.
  • Startup Position will allow you to send the window around your screen e.g. to a secondary monitor.
  • Background Size is the render resolution. Matching your Background and Window size renders the game internally at the same size that it is displayed. Increasing this essentially provides supersampling.
  • Menu Size in most situations should be set this equal to your window size. Menu size represents the UI scale. A menu size half of your window size will give 200% UI scaling, for example. Your menu aspect ratio must match your window aspect ratio.
  • Alternative: You may put values of -1 in the Window tab sections of Ashita which tells the game to look to the Final Fantasy Config for what values to use. Then apply the above principles to your resolution settings in that official utility.

Performance Issues

FPS capped at 30

  • FFXI is capped at 29.97 fps (NTSC) which can be doubled to 59.94 by using the framerate divisor command in Ashita: /fps 1. However, having your fps capped at 59.94 may cause continuity issues with quests due to cutscenes not executing or completing properly. Please use this "60 fps" setting at your own risk.

Persistent low FPS

  • Cause: FFXI is not running on your dedicated graphics card. This happens when you are on a laptop that has both an integrated and dedicated GPU. This will not improve your FPS unless you are running such a setup.
  • Fix: Download this zipped file: here, extract it (by using something like 7zip) and place the files into your C:\NasomiXI\SquareEnix\Ashita\ffxi-bootmod folder (or whatever drive you installed to).


  • Nagivate to C:/NasomiXI/SquareEnix/FINAL FANTASY XI/ToolsUS/ and launch FFXiPadConfig.exe as admin. Disable the gamepad in this window, then re-launch the game.

In-game issues

This is not necessarily a list of bugs. This is a list of common problems, some of which are caused by bugs.

Game Mechanics

Stuck online, out of bounds, in a battlefield etc
  • Go to your account page and log in. Select "Maintenance" and follow the instructions carefully. All use of this system is logged and abuse is not tolerated.
Stuck looking at a cutscene
  • Press printscreen. Yes, this takes a screenshot, but it also continues stuck cutscenes. If you're stuck in a CS but your client is closed, have waited for several minutes to see if your character logs off and it didn't, then use the above option instead. This is normally caused by running the game at 60 fps.
Homepointing not working
  • Wait 5 seconds before homepointing. This is a workaround for a much worse bug.
Dead but HP > 0 or you got killed with nothing in the log
  • The server sometimes avoids sending the packet containing that last hit to prevent a much worse bug that automatically sends you to your homepoint when dying. You were hit by some sort of an attack, you just didn't get the message in the log or animation of it.
Can't pick up new conquest supplies
  • The conquest tally takes place midnight Sat night, but the supplies (as well as event items like exp rings) reset 24hrs later, midnight Sun night. This means you need to wait until Monday to hand in your now-useless supplies and pick up new ones.
"You do not meet the requirements to obtain x item"
  • You either already have one of the rare item in one of your bags or your inventory is full.
Cannot plant seeds in gardening pots
  • Gardening is not yet implemented.
    • If you are looking to get elemental ore, you can do Excavation Attohwa Chasm, Maze of Shakhrami, and probably other areas to obtain them.
Cannot dig while on chocobo
  • Chocobo digging does is not yet implemented.
EXP ring not working
  • Occasionally there will be a bonus EXP weekend, during which the rings are enabled. EXP Rings are not enabled under normal circumstances. Only the Emperor and Empress bands are enabled during the events.
    • Even though conquest resets midnight Sat night, you cannot recharge an EXP ring immediately after the conquest tally. Recharging an EXP ring requires waiting until midnight Sun night.
Can't list more on the AH
  • Even though you can list as many items as you'd like on the Auction House, if you have 7+ listed when you check your Sales Status, you will be unable to list more items. To fix this, simply zone or relog.
Not removing the right item from the AH
  • When you remove items you've placed on the Auction House through the Sales Status window, if you remove more than one at a time you will not be removing the item you think you are. To prevent this from happening, close the Sales Status window every time you remove an item.
Can't send items through the Delivery Box
  • The delivery box's functionality for sending items is currently disabled.
Weapon Skill is capped at an earlier level
  • Re-equipping the weapon will refresh the skill cap list both on the client and server, allowing you to skill up again.
The outpost guard in West Sarutabaruta won't take conquest supplies
  • Hand your supplies over to the other conquest NPC in West Sarutabaruta located at (K-4) at the zone line to East Sarutabaruta.
Used a scroll but didn't learn the spell
  • If you zone too quickly you don't learn it. There is 2 parts to learning a spell - using the scroll, then after all the animation is over, you learn it. Nasomi does not refund scrolls lost in this way.
Unsync'd but don't have all my spells/abilities
  • You can refresh your spell/ability list by equipping any piece of gear. This is useful for when your party is in trouble, you unsync, and want to use higher level spells.
I lost my lure by canceling fishing
  • Canceling fishing consumes your bait. This is an anti-bot mechanic. Take care not to accidentally move or click on your client window while fishing!
I can't use my BCNM orb after canceling entry the first time
  • Canceling BCNM entry consumes your orb. This is an anti-exploit mechanic. Trade it only when you are ready to enter!
Asking for Recipes from a crafting NPC freezes the game
  • Close the game to get unfrozen. This is an option that was added in modern FFXI and is not implemented here.
<NM> isn't spawning
  • Did you check to see if the NM in question is out of era? For example, Duke Decapod was introduced in 2009: which means it will not spawn here.
    • Some in-era NMs don't spawn. You can check this by checking the AH history for their drop, if it's not Exclusive. If their drop has never been sold, it likely doesn't spawn. If the drop is exclusive and it's in era but you're having trouble finding it, ask around.
Mentor status
  • You cannot become a mentor by signing up at the AMAN.
  • Mentors are NOT GMs. They have no special powers whatsoever, besides being listed on the Mentor finder.
  • If you wish to become a mentor, trade 100k gil to Zelma at (H-8) in Upper Jeuno.


Waited x amount of time but quest didn't progress
  • The FFXI wiki is for modern FFXI. Almost all quests that required waiting long amounts of time were changed in modern FFXI to speed up gameplay. If it says wait 1 earth minute, that probably means at least 1 earth hour here, if not a midnight cycle. When a quest says to wait until JP midnight, here it means EST midnight.
    • You can check the history of a FFXI wiki page to see how long it took in ~2006.
When unlocking Dragoon, your Wyvern's name is not the one that you select
  • The name selection is offset by 1. Choose the name BELOW your desired name.
  • Alternatively, If you want to change your Wyvern's name, speak to Fouvia near the Norg Auction House. For 9,800 gil, she will change the name and give you access to the other three lists. This list is accurate; you do not need to offset by one through Fouvia.
"A Craftsman's Work" receiving no key item after defeating the NM
  • The DRG needs to get the killing blow on the Decurio NM that spawns when you click the ??? in order to receive the key item by clicking the ??? again afterwards.
"The Rumor" with Novalmauge in Bostaunieux Oubliette isn't working!
  • He asks for beastman blood. Not beast blood.
Stuck on black screen during the SMN quest
  • If on chocobo, the cutscenes for each color do not play. Instead, you get stuck on a black screen. You still get credit. Qufim does not give credit for any color.
"Rescue Drill" won't advance
  • Make sure you talk to everyone required. The optional dialogue referred to in the 2018 version of the FFXI wiki is not optional in 2006.
  • If you've talked to everyone, were you able to talk to the one in the ditch at (F-7)? If not, you may be on the wrong game version. Type /ver in game. 30170329_0 is the correct version. You can get onto this version by using the nasomi installer.


Chat log is being spammed with a "failed to call event 'render'" error
  • Disable your fps plugin. Type /addon unload fps. If it gives you issues every time you launch the game, navigate to C:\NasomiXI\SquareEnix\Ashita\Scripts\Default.txt and remove the /addon load fps line.
Recast addon
  • By default, the recast addon isn't loaded even though it is included with the install. Type /addon load recast to load the recast addon. To load it automatically every time the game is launched, navigate to C:\NasomiXI\SquareEnix\Ashita\Scripts\Default.txt and add /addon load recast to the bottom. Default.txt is ran every time the game is launched.


  • One of the Minnow recipes (Fire Crystal + Copper Ingot + Glass Fiber) does not work. Use the other recipe (Fire Crystal + Brass Ingot + Glass Fiber) instead.

Known broken fights

These fights were broken as a side-effect of a fix to BCNMs from Nasomi

  • Leviathan Avatar fight
  • SAM AF Helmet fight
  • Like the Wind ENM