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Common Problems with the Installation

"Sending Key.. Closing.." and nothing happens

  • Cause: The game is not installed.
  • Fix: Check for the directory "C:\NasomiXI" (or D:\.. etc if you choose to use a different install location) and make sure it exists. If not, you need to run the installer again. It can take anywhere from 30min-2hr. It should not be instant.
  • Cause: If you're on a 32 bit system, the registry file is buggy in the v17 of the installer
  • Fix: Within your installer folder, find the 64 bit registry file. Right click, edit, ctrl+h (find+replace) "\WOW6432Node" with a blank. This will make the paths look like: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PlayOnlineUS] instead of [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\PlayOnlineUS]. Save the file, run it, and then you should be able to run the game.
  • Cause: Your Ashita folder is in a write protected area like \program files\
  • Fix: Dont put Ashita in \program files\
  • Fix: Within your ashita folder, locate ffxi-bootmod\pol\pol.exe and make sure it is not set as "read-only" under Properties.
  • Cause: You are trying to use the installation from Steam
  • Fix: The Steam version is unsupported, please use the standalone installer found here.
  • NEVER USE FILE REPAIR: this was a potential solution when we still used the old install method. NEVER use the file repair feature in playonline!


  • Cause: DLL registration failed
  • Fix: Find the installer.bat files you ran to install the game. Make a copy. Right click the copy and open it with notepad to edit it. Find the lines containing regsvr32. Replace %drive% with the drive you installed into (for example, C). Delete all other lines. Save, and run it.

MSVCP140.dll is missing

  • Cause: Components of Microsoft Visual C++ redist are missing
  • Fix: Go here to obtain the latest directly from Microsoft; namely 2015 for x86 REGARDLESS of what version of Windows you're using.

api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing

  • Cause: Components of Microsoft Visual C++ are out of date
  • Fix: Perform a Windows Update after installing the C++ redist packages.

pol.exe or boot.exe crashes when launching the game

  • Cause: For some setups, the Ashita Direct3d8 to Direct3d9 proxy causes a crash
  • Fix: Delete the files d3d8.dll and d3d8.ini if you installed them from your Ashita\ffxi-bootmod folder.

Stuck "Downloading Data..."

  • Cause: Your character is still logged in.
  • Fix: Visit the [status page] and see if you're still online. You have to wait until you disappear from that page before you can log in. This can take several minutes. Trying to log on while the server thinks you are disconnecting will cause the disconnect timer to reset, causing you to wait several minutes again. Please be patient while waiting for your character to disconnect.
  • Cause: Rarely, improper shutdown of the client can corrupt some files being written to in the USER directory (macros, in-game configuration settings, and so on). If this happens, the resulting symptom will be a long black screen "Downloading Data..." followed by a crash.
  • Fix: Try making a backup of \SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\USER\ and then deleting the USER folder (or individual files within the USER folder to determine the exact ones that have been corrupted).
  • Fix:A last-resort option is to perform a total uninstall (make sure the USER folder is also deleted) and then reinstall and update FFXI with the default USER data that it supplies.
  • Cause: Network communication issue, the current infrastructure of Nasomi requires that players use the hairpin switch
  • Fix: Edit your profile(s) in Ashita and make sure your Command is set to: --hairpin \\ see [this post] for visual aid

FFXI Error Codes

FFXI-3005 Character Stuck/Game Server Offline/Crashed

  • Wait 2-5 min continued login after this error could get you error 3001. Trying before you have been disconnected from the server resets this timer: [check the status page]

FFXI-3305 Character Stuck/Login Server Offline

  • Your character is still connected according to the server.
  • Wait about 2 - 5 mins and try again. Trying before you have been disconnected from the server resets this timer: [check the status page]
  • Make sure you are using the --hairpin fix (see above).

FFXI-3101 Network Connection

  • A problem with the connection between you and the server.
  • Try power cycling your router/modem, check your firewall, or try and restart the computer.

FFXI-3322 while creating my character

  • The name could be taken or is to short.
    • Note: Make sure you are using between 3 and 10 characters here!

FFXI-3313 Getting Japanese Text Error When Creating Char

  • Your character name is already taken on the server
  • If this happens try logging out of the game completely and back in to try a new name.
  • A rudimentary way of seeing which names are available is to search for that name on the Auction House page. If there is no history, it is likely that the name is not taken. This is not a guarantee, however. There is no master list of all characters available.

POL-0033 Connection refused by server.

  • Restart your computer and try connecting again.
  • Go to your network connections and right click the one your using, and try "repair". this clears your cache and "renews" ip.
  • Try power cycling your modem, this can clear on connection issues as well.

POL-1160 This shouldn't happen as we don't use PlayOnline

  • You appear to have attempted to connect to the Retail servers.

FFXI Client Problems

Final Fantasy XI has stopped working / responding

  • Cause: User Access Control (UAC) is a Windows feature that helps prevent programs from running without your consent, but the manner in which it darkens the screen will induce the ffxi renderer to completely crash.
  • Fix: Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control settings > change the slider down to "do not dim my desktop".
  • Cause: There is a known issue with Adobe Flash plugin within Firefox which causes the FFXI renderer to crash. This is not a Nasomi problem but plagues retail as well.
  • Fix Don't use flash based websites in Firefox while playing ffxi. Most of the web has migrated away from adobe flash anyway (it's the #1 source of malware distribution due to security flaws) so it's safe too uninstall flash.
  • Cause: Corrupt user folder.
  • Fix: Go to C:\NasomiXI\SquareEnix\Final Fantasy XI\USER\ folder and delete the folders inside. Warning: This will erase all of your macros and in-game settings.

UI cut off, scaling issues

  • If using Windows 10, the default windows DPI scale for a 1080p monitor is 125%. This can cause some unwanted behavior. To prevent this behavior, navigate to NasomiXI\SquareEnix\Ashita and right click "Ashita.exe", select "Properties". Under the Compatibility tab, check the "Override high DPI scaling behavior." box and set "Scaling performed by: " to "Application".
Ashita Settings
  • Window Size is the size of the game on your screen. For a "Fullscreen" effect, match this to your monitor's resolution.
  • Startup Position will allow you to send the window around your screen e.g. to a secondary monitor.
  • Background Size is the render resolution. Matching your Background and Window size renders the game internally at the same size that it is displayed. Increasing this essentially provides supersampling.
  • Menu Size in most situations should be set this equal to your window size. Menu size represents the UI scale. A menu size half of your window size will give 200% UI scaling, for example.
  • Alternative: You may put values of -1 in the Window tab sections of Ashita which tells the game to look to the Final Fantasy Config for what values to use. Then apply the above principles to your resolution settings in that official utility.

Performance Issues

  • Cause: FFXI is not running on your dedicated graphics card
  • Fix: Download the attachment here and place the files into your Ashita ffxi-bootmod folder.