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Welcome to the Crafting Portal!

This is the core page for crafting. To access a specific crafting page, please visit the links below.

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Chocobos Raising

Chocobo Raising is currently non-functional.


Gardening is non-functional. As such, elemental ores are only mined/excavated on Nasomi. Check HELM below.


Harvest, Excavation, Logging, and Mining points on Nasomi do not spawn in the same locations as retail.

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The Formula

On Nasomi, moon phase, direction faced, and day of the week all play a role in synthesis. To familiarize yourself with the non-retail aspects of the crafting system you need to understand a new concept called the craft's "difficulty."

Difficulty starts out as the difference of your level subtracted by the craft's level. It is then changed +/- .5 depending on strong/weak direction faced. Further changed by +/- 1 depending on moon (full moon = -1 new moon = +1 50% = 0 change and percentages in between boosting by the expected fraction). Finally it is changed by +/- 1 depending on strong or weak day.

NOTE: The day that is weak to the crystal you're using has the same effect as Lightsday/same crystal on difficulty. For example, if you are using an Earth Crystal, crafting on Lightningday has the same effect as crafting on Lightsday/Earthsday.

For skilling the rule of thumb is to get difficulty to be as large a negative number as you can whilst having your real skill within 5 of the synths' cap (this will allow breaks to earn skillups). Earned skill, skill gear, and support all count towards "real skill" while moon phase, direction, and day all affect difficulty (which if you remember starts out as a derivative of real skill).

Lets take Heko Obi as an example skillup synth. It is a level 27 earth synth, so for best results our real skill will be either level 22, level 21 w/ support, or level 19 w/ advanced support. Each of these put real skill exactly 5 under cap. That alone puts difficulty at 5 which is good, but we want it to go further. Windsday or Darksday (the hq days for the crystal in question) push difficulty to 6. Facing southeast (the crystals hq direction) will push it to 6.5. Synthing on 0% new moon will push it +1 all the way to 7.5 (anything under 10% moon is really fine it doesn't have to be 0% exactly.)

    • It's important you read this before trying to hq something on Nasomi server:**

Now for hq things get (if you can believe it) even more complicated and non-retail. Most crafters have at least a cursory understanding of HQ tiers:

0-10 skill = T0 = 1-2% hq

11-30 skill = T1 = ~10% hq

31-50 skill = T2 = ~25% hq

51+ skill = T3 = ~50% hq

The same basic tiers are in place however subcrafts do not factor in, and they are not based on your level difference (as in retail) they are instead based on "difficulty" (which as you may remember from last paragraph is level difference affected by a bunch of other garbage). Not only is the day/moon/direction affecting difficulty and HQ tier, it's also affecting HQ rates directly. This means that HQ rates can vary wildly depending on when you synth and where you're facing.

Let's take the level 75 wind synth of elemental staves as an example. On retail for the best HQ rate you would want 100 skill + 3 (adv. support) + 2 (gear) + 1 (furniture) = 106 skill = 31 levels above cap = T2 = ~25% hq rate. Synth on new moon darks facing east if you want a small boost to hqs, and that's pretty much the end of it.

On Nasomi server the furniture doesn't work yet, so the maximum attainable skill is 100 + 3 (adv support) + 2 (gear) = 105. Okay on its own that's a difficulty of -30 = T1 = 10%, but the story doesn't end there. Synthing on darksday or iceday will raise difficulty by 1 and boost HQ rate by 33%. Synthing on new moon will raise difficulty by a further 1 and boost by a further 33%. So new moon iceday will be difficulty 28 (still T1) with two 33% boosts to hq rate totaling a roughly 16% chance at hq.

Well that difficulty of -30 is awfully close to the difficulty -31 we'd need to get T2 status... Let's examine some of the ways we could lower difficulty. We could synth on neutral moon lightsday. That would be -31 difficulty = T2 = 30% HQ rate; however lightsday incurs a 33% penalty to overall hq rate landing you at ~20% for final hq rate.

That's nicer than new moon ice by a little bit but let's examine other options. Perhaps if we used moon to get us the difficulty we need. Neutral day + exactly 100% moon would lower difficulty by 1 = -31 = T2 = 30%... but full moon incurs the same -33% penalty to HQs that lightsday does still landing us at 20% hq rate.

Well let's try using direction to boost our HQ rate. As you may remember, facing the HQ direction gives +.5 difficulty, facing the success direction gives -.5. As you possibly wouldn't expect: the HQ direction gives no actual boost to HQs in any way. So if we face southeast (the success direction) neutral moon, neutral day, we get -.5 to synth difficulty (landing us at -30.5). Now in your mind you're probably thinking "well that's really close to T2 but not quite there." As it turns out it's far worse than that. You see whoever coded crafting coded HQ tiers exactly like I described above where 11-30 = T1 and 31-50 = T2; however due to the way they wrote the formula there is no code governing levels 30.01-30.99 **which means a difficulty of -30.5 will yield an HQ rate of 0%** not T0, 0%. Level 100 skill + support + gear facing southeast on neutral day neutral moon will not HQ, never ever. This is known locally as the "tier crack." There are three total 10.01-10.99, 30.01-30.99, and 50.01-50.99 if your difficulty happens to land you between those numbers your hq rate will drop to 0%.

So what's the best attainable HQ rate? Well it actually involves facing southeast on neutral day at 76% moon. Basically the southeast direction puts difficulty at -30.5 and 76% moon pushes it right over the edge to -31.01 = T2 = 30% hq rate. The 76% moon will incur a roughly 16% penalty to HQ on top of this landing a final HQ rate of almost exactly 25%.

To go over one more time, level 75 wind synth with gear+support:

0% moon, ice/darksday, any direction = 16% hq

50% moon, neutral day, neutral direction = 10% hq

100% moon, lightsday/windsday/earthsday, any direction = 9.9% hq

26-75% moon, neutral day, southeast = 0% hq

76%+ moon, neutral day, east = 0% hq

100% moon, neutral day, any direction but east = 20% hq

Neutral moon, lights/windsday/earthsday, any direction but east = 20% hq

Moon exactly 76%, neutral day, southeast = 25% hq <-- best

 * [Crafting Timer] (Retail; JP Time)
 * [Crafting Timer] (Nasomi; Work in progress

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