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Welcome to the Party Guides Page!

Like retail, there are different types of EXP camps that folks like to utilize. If you are looking for information guides for non standard EXP (6 man camps) please visit one of these links.

Solo Beast Duo Mana Burn

Naomi EXP camps (Solo/Duo & Party).

This is an attempt to call out the typical, and some off the beaten path, areas folks like to use for EXP here on Nasomi.

As of 1-March your typical go-to EXP parties will often look like this:

Level Zone Type Target Mobs Notes
1-10 Starting Areas Solo
10-18 Tahrongi Canyon Solo/Duo
10-18 Konschtat Highlands Solo/Duo
10-18 La Theine Plateau Solo/Duo
10-14 Valkurm Dunes Party Lizards
14-19 Valkurm Dunes Party Crabs, Flys, Pugils
18-25 Qufim Island Party Worms, Crabs, Pugils, Leeches
24-30 Yuhtunga Jungle \\ Yhoator Jungle Party Mandragora, Goblins ((Kazham KI required to get to camps))
25-30 Bibiki Bay Party Dhamals, Birds, Efts
30-36 Garlaige Citadel \\ The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah Party Beetles, Bats \\ Flies, Bats, Fungars, Leeches
34-4x Crawlers' Nest Party Lizards, Crawlers, Caveberry, Beetles
32-34 Eastern Altepa Party Beetles, Dhalmels
38-42 Western Altepa Party
41-44 Labyrinth of Onzozo Party Cockatrice, Goblins
45-50 Garlaige Citadel Party Fortalice Bats, Warden Beetles
51-53 King Ranperre's Tomb Party Ogre Bats
54-58 The Boyadah Tree Party Bark Spiders
59-62 Labyrinth of Onzozo Party Torama
60-63 The Boyahda Tree Party Crabs
66-68 Bibiki Bay Party
69-75 Party

Big thanks to the following folks for offering up some suggested locations/mobs: Central, Malidar

Player Guides detailing specific EXP Locations

This page will have player-written guides for various exp spots, as well as good tactics for building parties within an endgame alliance.