In Defiant Challenge

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Starting NPC Maat - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed Required:

Bomb Coal
Exoray Mold
Ancient Papyrus
Key Item Pouch of weighted stones
Key Item Magicked astrolabe

Repeatable No
Title Granted Horizon Breaker
Reward Raises level cap to 55
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Atop the Highest Mountains


  1. Bomb Coal from an Explosure
  2. Exoray Mold from an Exoray
    • Exorays are located in the tunnel on the way to the donut room (third tunnel from the left after drop) starting at (I-10) on the 1st map.
    • It is strongly recommended for all mages, paladins, and /nin to bring echo drops to combat silence gas. Tanks should keep exorays facing away from mages.
    • Exorays have a potent, ice-based move called Spore that causes paralysis, so mages are recommended to sub /whm.
  3. Ancient Papyrus from a Lich
    • There are three places where you can find Lich. The first area is the best place but the hardest to get to.
      1. Enter The Eldieme Necropolis from the (F-5) entrance in Batallia Downs.
      2. Enter The Eldieme Necropolis from the (I-10) entrance in Batallia Downs.
        • You can find Liches on the first level as you travel around although spawns are sparse.
        • This same area is where the ???s for the key items spawn, so if you go there, you're better off clicking those instead. You must get all three key items to use this key item.
      3. Hume Bones camp in The Eldieme Necropolis
        • Enter from the (I-10) entrance in Batallia Downs.
        • You will need 2 or more members of the party to control the plates that open doors.
        • At the first intersection at (J-8), go South. Head to the gate room at (H-9). You need to go through Odin's Gate (facing west), then continue North to (G-8). Someone must then flip a switch to open Shiva's Gate. Immediately on the right after you pass through Shiva's Gate is a switch that you can trigger to let the rest of your party through.
        • Once through the gate, head North to the center of the room at (G-8) and fall down hole marked A.
        • When you land, head east and you'll quickly reach Hume Bones area. There are 2 to 4 Liches available for pulling. Warning: Elemental danger. If you don't want to aggro elementals, you may camp in the large staircase between the Ka room and Lich room, but you will have to pull the Fallen Knights or pet-pull the Liches under the effect of sneak.