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What is an Online Game?

FINAL FANTASY XI is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG. The world of Vana'diel is filled with other players like you who use the Internet to log into the game. Excitement and adventure await you from the moment you create a character and set foot in Vana'diel. You will play in a truly living world, and will meet all manner of people during your travels. Ask kindly souls on the street for directions. Join up with powerful warriors to defeat powerful monsters. You may even forge lifelong friendships.

The time has come to meet new friends and play alongside thousands of other adventurers in FINAL FANTASY XI! Will your world ever be the same?

This guide is aimed towards players completely new to FFXI, with some Nasomi specific things packaged in. If you've played FFXI before, you may be more interested in this list of Nasomi Specific differences, but taking a quick read of this may help you catch up if it's been a while.

Meeting and Greeting

You will meet many other adventurers during your travels in FINAL FANTASY XI. Walking up and introducing yourself to new people is highly recommended. Everyone starts out as a stranger -- many a friendship has started with a simple "good morning" or "good evening."

Helping Others

You may find it difficult to defeat certain monsters, or complete some quests and missions, by yourself. If you run into trouble, try joining forces with other players who are working towards the same goal. If you see someone in trouble, try talking to them and see if you can help. Everyone starts as a beginner. You aren't required to help others in need -- but doing so can occasionally field you valuable information. At times, you may find yourself in need of assistance as well. Realizing the importance of these small, individual actions is the first step towards living the life of a true adventurer!

Respecting Other Players

The people adventuring through the world of Vana'diel are human players, just like you. Always take care to respect other players, and avoid inappropriate behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment and insults. Always bear in mind that your reputation precedes you; once word gets around, you may find yourself in a difficult spot.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Logging In

You must first register a game account. Registration on Nasomi is free, and there are no fees involved. Launch the Nasomi Launcher on your desktop to log into the game.

Version Updates

Nasomi will occasionally be updated. These updates include the addition of new game elements or adjustments to the game itself. During updates, you will temporarily be unable to log into the server. Updates typically only take a few minutes, afterwards the server is up and ready for play.

Creating a Character

Selecting "Create Character" from the title screen will display the menu from which you may begin making your charactrer. Follow the directions below to complete the process.

Only one character can be created per game account.


In FINAL FANTASY XI, you can select from eight different character types across five races. If you choose the Hume, Elvaan, or Tarutaru race for your character, you will be allowed to select a gender as well. Once you make your choice and begin the game, you can only change it through a race change on your account's maintenance page - however, this can only be done twice.

When creating a character, don't forget to take each race's strengths and weaknesses into consideration.



The most common of the five races, Humes have spread from Bastok to inhabit every corner of Vana'diel. In comparison to the other races, Humes are fairly balanced in their abilities. They are intelligent and highly skilled. This combination of traits has allowed them to build Bastok into a prosperous nation driven by technology and industry.



A race of proud warriors from the nation of San d'Oria famous for their two legendary orders of knights. The Elvaan are characterized by their tall, slender bodies and pointed ears. Their unshakable pride and faith in their beliefs is evident in each of their intrepid faces. Both males and female Elvaan excel at swordfighting. Most Elvaan seem to eschew the business world, preferring an austere lifestyle as a skilled swordsman.



Windurst serves as the homeland for the Tarutaru. Although they resemble children, don't underestimate their strength. Long known as masters of the magical arts, they have honed their abilities through dutiful study of the world around them. Their dedication and effort resulted in the rapid reconstruction of Windurst after the town was destroyed twenty years ago. The Tarutaru enjoy a warm relationship with the Mithra, who call Windurst their home as well.



A race of genius hunters who live alongside the Tarutaru in Windurst. Their large ears give them spectacular hearing ability, and their long tails result in an unparalleled sense of balance. They are known for their energy, curiosity, and their penchant for causing playful mischief. The Mithra enjoy a friendly relationship with the Tarutaru. The mutual abilities and cooperation between the two races has made Windurst a nation of peace and prosperity.



The Galka once lived in the Altepa desert, but their homeland fell to an attack of the beastmen some six hundred years ago. The remaining Galka spread across the world, and many of them settled in Bastok. The sheer strength of their physique is second to none. They have used their skills to contribute to the construction and development of the numerous mines in Bastok. It appears that some Galka distrust members of the Hume race.


You must select a main job for your character. Each job has certain special abilities, and the job you select will have a large impact on your early adventures throughout the game.

Although there are 18 jobs available on Nasomi which can be earned through various quests, there are only six jobs you can start playing as. You can use your Mog House to change to a different job at any time during the game. For more information about jobs, please refer to the Job section. For more information about Mog Houses, please refer to the Mog House section.



A close-combat specialist trained to handle a variety of weaponry.



A martial artist whose body is a deadly weapon.

White Mage


An expert in white magic, such as healing and recovery spells.

Black Mage


An expert in black magic, such as attack and curse spells.

Red Mage


Capable of using both white and black magic. Red Mages require far more time to master powerful spells than White or Black Mages. Also capable of using swords.



Agile fighters that excel at distracting enemies and stealing their items rather than direct combat.


You can create a name for your character. You can also generate a random name by pressing the active window toggle button. Once you have finished entering a name, press [Confirm/Enter].

  • If you get stuck on "Checking name and gold world pass" followed by a FFXI-3113 error, this means your name is taken. Please close the client and launch it again, go through the character creation process, but choosing a different name at the end.


You must choose the country of your allegiance. You may select either San d'Oria, Bastok, or Windurst. You may want to consider your character's race in relation to each country before choosing an allegiance.

The Kingdom of San d'Oria


A kingdom located on the northern Quon Continent, forged from the fires of a tumultuous civil war by the proud race of warriors known as the Elvaan. The heads of the d'Oraguille family have ruled the kingdom in a line of unbroken succession for more than five hundred years. The kingdom's fortress-like capital of San d'Oria is surrounded by the mysterious forests of Ronfaure and defended by a pair of stalwart military orders: the Royal Knights, who defend the kingdom's borders and lead foreign expeditions, and the Temple Knights, who maintain public security and order within the capital.

The Republic of Bastok


A republic in Southern Quon founded by the Humes, a people famous for its technological prowess. The ruler of this nation, the president, is elected by the Humes every few years. Although the presence of the rare metal mythril was what made this nation prosper at first, it has since grown to become the industrial heart of Vana'diel.

The Federation of Windurst


A federation founded by tribes of Tarutaru on the southern portion of the Mindartia Continent and its neighboring islands. The nation is surrounded by a sprawling highland known as the Sarutabaruta, a source of many of the region's famed plants. Windurst was created based on revelations handed down to the mystic Star Sibyl, who lives in a shrine known as Heavens Tower. The federation is currently governed by a cabinet of scholars in various fields, an arrangement that can trace its roots back to the original Tarutaru tribes. A portion of the capital is occupied by the Mithra, who are longtime friends and associates of the Tarutaru. The Mithra, an all-female race of superb hunters, have deeply contributed to the success of the Federation of Windurst.

Players who take character race into consideration when choosing a starting nation may receive a pleasant surprise.


FINAL FANTASY XI may be enjoyed with either a keyboard and mouse or a controller.


To use a controller, first open the Nasomi Config (as admin) before booting up the game and click the gamepad settings button. From here you may make the controller your default input device. For more information on your controller settings, visit Controls.

Game commands and functions will be automatically assigned to certain buttons, but you may change them as you see fit in the FINAL FANTASY XI Gamepad Config menu.


Upon starting the game, the keyboard layout is set to "Compact.

  • Keyboard settings may be changed in "Config" in the menu.
  • Compact is designed for keyboards with no numpad. Full-size is recommended for normal keyboards.
Action Compact Full-Size
Movement WASD, QE 2468 (numpad)
Auto-run R 7 (numpad)
Run/Walk toggle Z / (numpad)
Rest (/heal) H * (numpad)
Camera IJKL Arrow Keys
First-person V 5 (numpad)
Zoom Pg Up, Pg Down 9, 3 (numpad)
Switch Target Tab Tab
Target Self F1 F1
Target Nearest Monster F8 F8
Lock-on * (numpad) * (numpad)
Menu - (numpad) - (numpad)
Select Active Window + (numpad) + (numpad)

Game Screen


1. The help window.

2. Another character's name.

3. Compass. Other PCs (player characters) appear in blue. NPCs appear in green. Party members appear in pink. Pet monsters appear in yellow. For certain job classes, monsters will also appear in red.

4. The log. This window is used to display all text-based game information, including messages from other players and battle information.

5. The S and R values indicate the status of your connection with the server in bits.

6. Your character's name.

7. Information about your character (name, HP, and MP). If you are part of a party, the party members' names and HP/MP info will appear here as well. If you are part of an alliance, the alliance members' names will appear as well. It is possible to rearrange party member order. Refer to Party in the menu for information.

8. Indicates the current Vana'diel time, day of the week, and weather attribute information, as well as the map coordinates for your current location.


The log window is used to display various types of important information, such as dialog from other characters and messages from other players. You should always keep an eye on the log window while playing the game.

Every time you press [Cancel/Esc], or when a certain period of time has passed without new information appearing, the log window will begin disappearing one line at a time. After a certain period of time with no new input, the log window will eventually disappear. The maximum and minimum number of lines that are displayed on the screen can be adjusted by selecting "Windows" under "Config" in the main menu. (For a more detailed explanation, please refer to "Config" in the "Main Menu" section.)

You can display a range of previous log window messages by pressing the top button on the right side of the analog controller, or the + key, and then pressing [Confirm/Enter]. You can scroll through the resulting display by using the direction buttons/keys. When the log window is fully expanded, press the top right pad button again to filter the log for a certain category of message. While the log window is maximized, Pressing the up/down arrow keys or moving the directions stick up/down, highlighting a player name, and pressing [Confirm/Enter] will enable you to execute a command targeting that player. Tell: Send a tell to the PC. Search: Search for the PC in all areas. Target: Target the PC (only available if the PC is in a targetable rage). Selecting "Tell" will display an icon at the start of the log. Up to thirty entries, starting with the most recent, will be displayed.

Day and Weather

Select "Current Time" from the main menu to display the current day of the week and weather information. This information will appear above the compass at the bottom left of the screen. Certain types of weather can increase in strength. These instances are indicated by two weather icons.



In FINAL FANTASY XI, you can place your cursor over other characters, objects, and doorways. This is called "targeting." Targeting is used to initiate actions in the game, including speaking to PCs (player characters) and NPCs (non-player characters), and attacking monsters.

The target cursor will appear over the currently selected target. The name of the selected target will appear above the status bar at the lower right of the screen.

You can select from a group of targets by using the D-pad/Tab. When the target cursor is highlighting the target you wish to select, press [Confirm/Enter].

If the target is a PC or monster, the action command menu will appear, allowing you to initiate a variety of actions. NPCs, doorways, or other objects are activated when the Confirm Button or Enter key is pressed. The result will appear in the log window.

Potential Targets

You can tell what you are targeting by the color of its name.

PCs (Player Characters)

Characters that are being controlled by other players logged into FINAL FANTASY XI. The names of PCs appear in white.

NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

Characters that are controlled by the computer. They respond in various ways when you talk to them. The names of NPCs appear in green.


Vana'diel is filled with many kinds of monsters. The names of monsters appear in yellow. When they are targeted, the action command menu will include an "Attack" command. The names of monsters currently being fought will appear in red.

Action Commands


Press [Confirm/Enter] while targeting to open the action command menu at the bottom left of the screen. This window allows you to initiate a variety of action commands.

When you are targeting another PC, the first choice in the action command menu will be "Chat." If you target a PC who is in "Seek Party" status, the "Invite" command will appear in the action command menu.


Select "Chat" from the action command menu, then press the Right direction button/key to open the chat window. This allows you to select a chat mode.

Target a PC (player character), select "Chat" from the action command menu, and press [Confirm/Enter] twice to open the text entry window and send a Tell message to that PC.






While targeting a monster, a message regarding their relative strength will display in the log window.

While targeting another PC (player character), select "Check" from the action command menu and press [Confirm/Enter] to view the items the PC has equipped. PCs titles will also display in the log window, and a list of items they are selling in their bazaars may be accessed by pressing [Confirm/Enter] after selecting "View Wares.".

Invite to Party

When you target a PC (player character) who is showing the "Seek Party" icon, the "Invite" command will be added to the action command menu. Selecting this command invites the targeted PC to your party.

Regions and Zones

In the world of FINAL FANTASY XI, the landscape your character can see at any given time is deemed a "zone", and multiple areas comprise "regions." You can see a map of the regions they comprise by selecting "Region Info" from the menu. You can see the map of your current zone by selecting "Map" from the menu.


In FINAL FANTASY XI, you can freely converse ("chat") with the other players who are logged in at the same time as you. Chatting with other players is the first step towards forming parties and learning new strategies for playing the game.

Chat Window

The chat window allows you to access the seven chat modes, including Tell mode to speak to PCs, and the Linkshell mode to speak to linkgroups.

Say: Used for speaking openly to all PCs near you. Say text appears in white in the log window.

Shout: Can be heard over a wider range than Say. Shout text appears in light pink in the log window.

Tell: Allows you to talk to another player one-on-one, regardless of the distance separating you. Tell speech cannot be heard by other players. Tell text appears in pink in the log window, with the sender and recipient clearly identified. Syntax: /tell name message

Party: Allows you to converse with the other members of your party or alliance, regardless of the distance separating you. Party speech cannot be heard by players who are not in your party or alliance. Party text appears in blue in the log window.

Linkshell and Linkshell2: Allows you to use a linkshell to converse with other members of a linkgroup, regardless of the distance separating the members. Linkshell speech can only be heard by members of a specific linkgroup who have equipped their linkpearls. Linkshell speech appears in light green in the log window.

You may change the default chat mode by typing /cm mode. For example, /cm l2 will cause all messages to be sent to your Linkshell2 by default. /cm say is the default.


FINAL FANTASY XI has an auto-translate feature. Text entered from the list of common phrases will appear in either English or Japanese, depending on the version of the game that the player is using.

You cannot modify or add to the list of common phrases. However, the list contains a comprehensive vocabulary of words and phrases that will allow you to easily communicate with other players, no matter which language they are using!

Simply press Tab during text entry to show auto-translate suggestions for the text you've entered.

Level Sync

Level Sync is a party leader-activated system whereby the level of all party members is restricted to that of a designated player. When this feature is activated, all members of the party will be able to receive an amount of experience points corresponding to the level of the designee, regardless of any initial disparity between them.

Please be aware of the following when engaging Level Sync:

Most beneficial status effects will be removed when Level Sync is activated.

Skills cannot be increased beyond the maximum value for the player's restricted level while Level Sync is in effect.

All pets other than wyverns will vanish when Level Sync is activated. Any monsters charmed by a beastmaster will be released with enmity intact, so care should be taken to ask them to "Leave" before activating Level Sync.

Level Sync affects only party members. It has no effect on alliance members, nor can an alliance member be appointed as a Level Sync designee.

The ability to ride chocobos is determined by the player's original level and unaffected by Level Sync.

Unlike other forms of level restriction, the effects of abilities such as"Level 5 Petrify" are also based on the player's original level.

Level Sync will cause stats and effects on gear to be adjusted. It is recommended to use equipment at or below the sync level.

Un-official things and tools you should know as a new player on Nasomi

Unimplemented, Different and Out of Era features

As a new or returning FFXI player from various eras you may remember certain things or mis-remember them, or have expectations that are no longer accurate, or find some things have simply not been implemented here.

  • For game elements that should be present in the era of Nasomi, but do not function at all or are unattainable at the moment, please see Unimplemented.
  • For game elements that are found on Nasomi but don't behave like they did on 2005 retail, please see Different from 2005.
  • For game elements that are intentionally not on Nasomi because they were added after the 2005 era, please see Out of Era.

Some Notorious monsters are different while others do not exist. Some game features on Nasomi are not implemented in places like daily passwords for doors in Castle Oztroja. Many jobs are complete, many others are not. Asking in your linkshell or in /sh or IRC should give you a good idea about each. For instance BST cannot merit reward cool down, or PLD Job Ability "cover" does not work, etc. Nas is continuously completing these things and balancing them. Blu used to be very very broken and now is almost 100% fixed. Pup is still very broken, etc.


Our economy is in constant flux. Someone will brag they bought a scorp harness for 26k because they did. As new players join the demand for items goes up and prices sky rocket. But then the player base reaches a saturation (Without new players) and prices level off / drop. What worked six months ago to make money might not work this month. Use the quick links on the nas homepage to look up prices on the auction house and search the history. You can also check all ONLINE bazzars via another link under quick links. This is a great tool to monitor prices.

The auction house will list an unlimited number of items for up to 30 days after they are listed. (So long as you don't "check sales status) If you do check sales status you only see 7 options and you need to zone before listing more. You can see what you have on the ah via the nasomi homepage and the link "account" then selecting the character.

There are easy to farm things in each and every starting city. Check out the guides on this wiki page or on the Nasomi forum for ways to make gill as a new player. Using the /sh or /shout open in a city can be very helpful. e.g. typing "/sh I'm a new player can someone give me advice / show me around?" There are also in game mentors that are more than willing to help you with questions etc.

Multiple characters

You can have 3 accounts with a log in password combination for each. Don't make alternate characters on the same account.