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Seriously go read the rules here:

How to get banned

TL;DR - You Do Bad Stuff, You Get De-Leveled or Banned

  • Use hurtful or crude language
  • Block someone's progression
  • Trick someone
  • Hacking, Use of third-party Programs or other manipulations, is bad mmm'kay?
  • Be an RMT
  • Badmouth someone else or a group of players
  • You only wish you were a GM, stop pretending

How to get banned faster

  • If a GM tells you something and you ignore it
  • Open discussion of any exploits allowing others to reproduce the issue

TL;DR - You See Bad Stuff, You Report Privately.

Please use ticket system to report bad players.

Suggested Steps

  • For harassment, I suggest that you ask the player or players to stop the behavior.
  • If they continue or it becomes escalated please place the person/person's on blacklist using /blist add name
  • Report via the server's ticket system:
  • TL;DR - You Add Troll to BList, You Have Happy Day

Account Sharing

  • The sharing of accounts is not permitted on Nasomi. Please keep your account information private.
  • A guy on Nasomi once cheated on his wife, so his wife logged in and deleted his character.
    • Lesson: Even if it's your wife, don't share.

Multi-Boxing Limitations

  • You may have up to 3 accounts/characters, total.
    • 2 are able to be out in the field getting the EXPs
    • The 3rd can be a crafting/boat mule

Multi-Boxing HELM Limitations

  • The caveat to Multi-Boxing is for HELM.
  • You may not have 2 accounts logged in and accessing the same zone if you are undertaking HELM Activities.
  • Get a buddy and share the burden/loot if you want to use more than one person

Ashita add-ons / plugins

Check out Ashita for details about what is approved