Ordelle's Caves

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Zone Information
Area Name Ordelle's Caves
Type Dungeon
Maps Ordelle's Caves/Maps
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous Able to use Tractor Able to use Escape
Ordelle's Caves/HELM
Ordelle's Caves/Weather Icons
Region Zulkheim
Expansion Original
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music
Notes {{{Notes}}}
This is a beautiful set of limestone caves discovered by Lord Ordelle, the famed Elvaan explorer. When the map of the area was completed, the shape of the tunnels closely resembled a person's body; this resulted in the alias "the Body Caves," which is still used by the local Elvaan. From the quest A Timely Visit we also learn that Ordelle's Caves was once known as the "Shrine of Endless Travels."
La Theine Plateau: (G-10, H-2, K-3)

Escapes to: La Theine Plateau (F-7)

Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
A Squire's Test II General Balasiel    Southern San d'Oria F-7
Blighted Gloom NPC Luto Mewrilah    Upper Jeuno G-8
Dark Puppet AF (DRK) Cid    Metalworks G-8
Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria) General Norejaie    Southern San d'Oria K-6
Fistful of Fury General Vola    Lower Jeuno J-8
Hitting the Marquisate AF (THF) Nanaa Mihgo    Windurst Woods J-3
Sharpening the Sword AF (PLD) Ailbeche    Northern San d'Oria J-8
Signed in Blood General Sobane    Southern San d'Oria D-6
Strange Apparatus --- ---    ---
The Goblin Tailor RSE Guttrix    Lower Jeuno (H-10
Mission Nation Starter Location
The Rescue Drill San d'Oria San d'Orian Gate Guard San d'Oria

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Rojaireaut G-3
Ruillont H-3

==Notorious Monsters Found Here==