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General keyboard layout and controllers

This page will display links to and guides for configuring keyboards and controllers.

New User Basics - Keybindings and Controller Configuration basics

Configuring Keyboard and Keybinding Guides

  • Launch (as admin) the Config (shortcut should be on your desktop)
    • You must launch as admin for changes to apply!
  • Click on "Gamepad Settings"
  • Make sure "Enable Gamepad" is checked!
    • You may need to toggle XInput, too.

If all controls are working except for dpad after configuring controls, switch off the box in FFXI Gamepad Config Tool that is labeled "Enable hat switches" and reconfigure dpad controls.


  • For troubleshooting help please check the forums and be sure to post your controller name and what OS you are using.
  • If you have a guide that you want to create and then link to this page, please use this format to create the page Config:Nameofcontoller
    • If you are not sure how to make pages or are not comfortable with using WIKI formatting you can post the steps in the WIKINas section of the forums and someone can help you create the page. :)