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Final Fantasy XI art by Fumio Minagawa
Crafting in Final Fantasy XI is powered by the elemental crystals available in the world. Harnessing this elemental energy allows players to burn, bond, dilute, and carve; among other processes. This results in various items the player can use or equip.

In addition to crafting, players may want to investigate the several gathering activities used to source materials that aide crafters.

The Crafting Guilds

The world of Vana'diel has a number of crafting guilds which players can join to craft or fish numerous items:

Alchemy Alchemy - Craft often used to create enhancing and enfeebling potions, healing medicines, enfeebling weapons, and Ninjutsu tools.
Bonecraft Bonecraft - Craft which works with bones to create moderately heavy armor and a wide variety of ammunition and jewelry.
Clothcraft Clothcraft - Craft which works with natural threads to craft lightweight armor and capes often used by magicians.
Cooking Cooking - Craft which combines ingredients to make a wide variety of tasty and enhancing meals.
Fishing Fishing - Craft which seeks to catch the fish from the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds of Vana'diel.
Goldsmithing Goldsmithing - Craft which works with precious gems and metals to create beautiful jewelry and glittering armor.
Leathercraft Leathercraft - Craft which works with animal hides to craft medium-weight and versatile armor.
Smithing Smithing - Craft which reformulates raw ores into usable ingredients for making heavy armor and weapons.
Woodworking Woodworking - Craft which uses lumber found around Vana'diel to craft a variety of weapons, shields, ammunition and Mog House furniture.
Note: Synergy is an out of era crafting skill and not available on Nasomi.

Skilling Up

Players can skill up in a craft by crafting recipes above their skill level, including any synthesis support.

Every 10 levels, a player must submit a test item to rank up in that particular in order to continue skilling up.

Only 40 total crafting skill levels may be gained total above 60, excluding Fishing. This means you can get 1 craft to 100, or 2 to 80, or one to 90 and another to 70, etc.

The HQ Formula

Level difference HQ rate
≤ 10 ≤ 1%
≥ 11, ≤ 30 ~10%
≥ 31, ≤ 50 ~25%
≥ 51 ~50%

This is the current formula players have come up with through testing following the crafting changes on May 9th, 2018 (Broken Link; these figures are from retail, not Nasomi). Day, moon, and direction do not seem to impact HQ rate on Nasomi. Subcraft does not affect the HQ rates either (Needs clarification, otherwise it's incorrect).

Note About Fishing

While you may craft on every character you control, Gathering and Fishing are activities restricted by the Gathering (or HELM) rules on Nasomi. You may only gather or fish on one character at a time from the same IP.

Dual-boxing HELMF is restricted for economy reasons. Doing so will break the rules and result in disciplinary actions up to being banned from the server!