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Current event: Starlight Celebration 2018! Happy Holidays!
Experience rings are active until December 26!

Nasomi is one of the oldest running and by far most populated free to play, non-official FFXI server.

Based around the 2005 era of the game, we provide an old school style of play in the world of Vana'diel for players who want to re-live their nostalgia.


  • The NasomiXI installer takes 5-15 minutes to get you in-game. No additional downloads needed. No playonline!

Launcher Configuration

  • The Nasomi installer comes packaged with Ashita. Visit the Config:Ashita page for more information.


Quick FAQ

Valkurm Dunes outpost
  • Q: How many people actually play on Nasomi?
  • A: Nasomi is the largest (by far) FFXI private server. See the most recent Nasomi census (from 2017) here. There are thousands of unique IPs connecting per day, and up to 1000+ concurrent players online at a time - Nasomi is significantly larger than all other FFXI private servers combined.
An endgame group
  • Q: Is that enough for me to find parties?
  • A: Yes. There are often multiple parties fighting it out for camping spots in the dunes and elsewhere. A limited level sync system is available, improving upon the original system added by SE which allowed players to quickly reach lv 75 in newbie zones.

dying players
  • Q: What expansion does Nasomi go up to?
  • A: Nasomi is a CoP era server with some ToAU functionality such as the ToAU jobs and ZNMs. ToAU will be added in full, but it isn't a priority. Zilart missions, CoP missions, Sky, Sea, Kings etc are fully functional, and the endgame scene is competitive, with nearly 100 people in Dragon's Aery, and rewarding. Your progress is never deleted, lost, or made obsolete.
A cutscene
  • Q: Are there any jobs that would help me group up easily?
  • A: Don't feel pressured into playing any particular role just to find parties. Don't feel as if you need to play a BST because you think you'll never find parties on a job you'd like to play. The server population is large enough to support partying at all times.

Leaping Lizzy
  • Q: I'm lost. Where do I meet people? How do I find help?
  • A: /shout in any city and you'll find the help you need. You could also join us in naschat and ask some of the players that hang out there for help.

Another FAQ can be found here.