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While it's common that you will be traveling on foot, there are a few methods of travel that you can use to speed up your adventures.

Outpost Warps

For **more** information on cost of using an Outpost (OP) and the [quest] please check out the link. If you would like to learn more the [Teleportation] guide has more details, including the level requirements you must be to make use of the Outpost Warp NPCs.

Region Zone Position
Gustaberg North Gustaberg D-10
Ronfaure West Ronfaure G-9
Sarutabaruta West Sarutabaruta H-6
Kolshushu Buburimu Peninsula E-7
Zulkheim Valkurm Dunes H-7
Norvallen Jugner Forest I-8
Aragoneu Meriphataud Mountains E-5
Derfland Pashhow Marshlands K-6
Qufim Qufim Island F-6
Elshimo Lowlands Yuhtunga Jungle G-11
Elshimo Uplands Yhoator Jungle I-8
Li'Telor The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah H-9
Kuzotz Eastern Altepa Desert F-10
Tavnazian Archipelago * Lufaise Meadows E-8
Fauregandi Beaucedine Glacier H-9
Valdeaunia Xarcabard H-9
Vollbow Cape Teriggan G-9

  • Re: Lufaise Meadows, you cannot obtain supply mission for Tavnazian Archipelago until completing PM 4-1 Sheltering Doubt.


The [KI] Chocobo License is required to rent a Chocobo.

Airship & Boats

The following is the information that can be used to travel around Nasomi using Boats/Airships.

Each time you wish to board a ship, you will be asked to pay a fee to enter the docks. You can exit for free, but it is only a one-way exit. To reenter the areas beyond the ticket counter, you will need to pay again.


Airships require an airship pass to take you from one destination to the other. If you are planning a trip the Departure and arrival times can be found on the Nasomi World Time page.

To gain access to the airships please check these links.

Boarding Pass Requirements Alternative Costs
Jeuno ☆ Requires: Completion of Rank 5 in your nation ☆ purchased from Derrick in Lower Jeuno for 500,000g.
Kazham ☆ Requires Key Item: Kazham Airship Quest ☆ purchased from Guddal in Port Jeuno for 148,000g


Some boats require an pass to take you from one destination to the other. If you are planning a trip the Departure and arrival times can be found on the Nasomi World Time page.

Travel Route Requirements Boarding Ticket
Selbina ↔ Mhaura Ferry ☆ Requires: none ☆ Price:
Mhaura ↔ Aht Urhgan Whitegate ☆ Requires Key Item: Boarding Permit ☆ Price:
Aht Urhgan Whitegate ↔ Nashmau ☆ Requires Key Item: Boarding Permit ☆ Price:
Bibiki Bay ↔ Purgonorgo Isle ☆ Requires Key Item: Manaclipper Ticket
☆ Requires Key Item: Manaclipper Multi-ticket
☆ Price:

Spells & Items

Teleportation Spells

White Mage Teleportation will transport qualified party members with the following Key Items.

Mea Gate Crystal Dem Gate Crystal Holla Gate Crystal
☆ Spell Quest: Acting in Good Faith ☆ Spell Quest: Altana's Sorrow ☆ Spell Quest: Healing the Land
Altepa Gate Crystal Yhoat Gate Crystal Vahzl Gate Crystal
☆ Spell Quest: The Missing Piece ☆ Spell Quest: Missionary Man ☆ Spell Quest: Sorcery of the North

Teleportation Items

These rings will allow you to travel to the teleport crystal without a WHM to cast the spell. All rings contain a limited number of charges and can only be sold via bazaaring.

Teleport Ring: Mea Teleport Ring: Dem Teleport Ring: Holla
Teleport Ring: Altep Teleport Ring: Vahzl Teleport Ring: Yhoat

In addition to the aforementioned Teleport Rings, there are some additional rings that you can purchase from your nation's conquest vendors. These rings will allow you to travel to the Outpost Location within the region of the world you are on, if all of the requirements are met. They do the same thing, but one of these is the HQ version of the other. Both are Ra/Ex and cannot be sold or bazaared.


The Black Mage spell Warp (self target only) and Warp II (party member target only) will send someone back to their homepoint. Both are acquired through their respective quests. Warping allows for trips to far corners of Vana'diel to not be so painful.

Warp Warp II
☆ Spell Quest: Mean Machine ☆ Spell Quest: Curses, Foiled A-Golem!

Additionally, scrolls of Instant Warp can be purchased from your towns conquest gate guard NPCs. These cost 10 conquest points and work like the spell Warp. However, you can only carry one at a time because they are RA. Keeping one on you at all times can save you from backtracking when another mode of transportation is not available.

While unadvised, a player can always commit suicide to mimic the effects of Warp, at the cost of some Experience Points.

The Black Mage spell Escape, while not a significant way of moving around by itself, can be used in some cases to skip going through zones. For example, A WHM/BLM could Teleport-Altep, head to Korroloka Tunnel, cast Escape, and end up in Zeruhn Mines, rather than walking through Korroloka Tunnel "backwards". Escape can be found as a drop on Banshees in Qufim Island (Night time only), or bought on the Auction House.