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Nasomi Enhancements

This is the page that briefly talks about the tools and pages that Nasomi has created to allow players additional access and insight into the server.

Server Status

This page allows all users to helpful information such as lobby status, regional server status and even character details for who is online.

Tips: Data loads up based on when you open the page. You will need to reopen/refresh the page as it's not a dynamic page. The data is static.


  • Find out if the lobby is up/down
  • Find out how many players are online
  • This is the page that you can use to check your character's status in terms of being online/offline.

World Time

This page allows all users to helpful information about the game time within Nasomi.

Tips: The data is dynamic and doesn't need to be reloaded.


  • Crafters can use this to check
    • What phase of the moon is it?
    • When the guild shops are open
    • What crystal is weak/strong
  • Airship/Boat departure/arrivals
  • RSE Week
    • Really helpful as you can check your upcoming race/gender and where the goblin will be sending you.
Character Age

This is the page that allows you to see how long your account has been on the Nasomi server.

Tips: You must be online to see your character. The data is static, so you must reload the page to see the date if you were offline.


  • Who are the oldest players around