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Here you'll find a listing of linkshells (known as guilds in other games) on Nasomi with all sorts of play styles, whether it be casual, hardcore, or somewhere in between. Where possible, a forum recruitment thread is linked for each so you can learn more about them.

Active Linkshells

Name Leader Sacked Type
Linkpearl-layer.png Avarice Oxos Selphius, Zidiquss, Nanaki, Tsuboi, Torito, Johno Endgame / Event / GMT Timezone
Linkpearl-layer.png CheckMate Chess Killerkyo, Oigres, Giltaker HNM Sea Dynamis
Linkpearl-layer.png CrimsonDawnII Rakai Diwari, Vinst, Melixo, Sii, Caylenna, Kiwidinok Newb Help, Social
Linkpearl-layer.png DraconicBallad Tokitaki Vavaud, Cailet, Hadhod, Janie, Meyi, Remmie, Nogarv, Omnus, Wolftinnis, Zyestial Endgame/Event
Linkpearl-layer.png EscapeReality Kiwidinok Caylenna Social, New Player/New to Server Help
Linkpearl-layer.png FatChocobo Vex Lonelymountain, Lyrisse, Swerv Progression
Linkpearl-layer.png Gambinos Moneymike Cheddarbob, Linis, Shinbi Social / Progression
Linkpearl-layer.png JogadoresBR Misterjardel Pimpell Brazilian LS / LinkShell para Brasileiros
Linkpearl-layer.png LevelDown Xenozero Annabelli, Lapunzel, Meowers, Nyterminator, Raranoa, Seika, Shadowlight, Tippsie Social/Progression/Endgame
Linkpearl-layer.png Lunaland Lunacorn Mariko, SupahStah, Drippnn Newb Help, Social, Content
Linkpearl-layer.png Meanthras Nireya Mikuki, Kitmix Mithra Exclusive: Social, Progression
Linkpearl-layer.png Nexus Avery Andros, Aperture, Emzi, Silvos, Zaeon Classy Endgame
Linkpearl-layer.png Nova Maseki Ncspade, Ext, Yvelle, Capnkush Endgame, EST Time zone
Linkpearl-layer.png FleurDeLys Lafalange Debauchette French Canadien LS / Linkshell pour les francophones du Canada
Linkpearl-layer.png OurDivineDestiny Redenius Samiex, Pokemeplz, Hatwobble, Stormtastic, Tjblaze Social / Progression
Linkpearl-layer.png OurDivineLegacy Redenius Samiex Endgame
Linkpearl-layer.png Paradox Gluvan Doggie, Vamrin, Freyalise, Keev Social, New/Old Players welcome , Endgame
Linkpearl-layer.png Ragnarok Kenshop(Kenzo) Alyosha, Georgeline, Girl, Mayuko, Mrots, Swann, McGlory Noob friendly progression
Linkpearl-layer.png SwiggitySwooty dimitri Saleam THF LS and /THF
Linkpearl-layer.png TheFederation Shinbi Farron, Khialu, Saiba, Sonosu, Kharlan & more (most are sacked) Active Conquest / Social
Linkpearl-layer.png TopShelf Fid Aselius, Aqui, Baldr, Berens, Chase, Governor, Localrudeboy, Tommi, Viktoryia Endgame
Linkpearl-layer.png TsunamiSurfers Oxos Oxey, Lestari, Hayal, Selphius, Nilsine, Tsuboi, Nanaki, Johno, Jehmu General Progression/GMT Timezone
Linkpearl-layer.png VaeVictis Blackrose, Nozgoth Sinclair, Kurome, Janie, Hadhod, Aiwyn, Opia, Acemaster Advancement
Linkpearl-layer.png WaffleHouse Vanlem Kirra, Blair, Ahzek Social / Progression
Linkpearl-layer.png Vendetta Byrth Applepie, Sane Endgame
Linkpearl-layer.png WindurstWins Ladyfrostflame Pepsi, Torito ... (almost all members are sacked) Windurstian Conqest / Social
Linkpearl-layer.png Yes Cokey Arx, Cajole, Csut, Sly Endgame
Linkpearl-layer.png Exclusive Aerec Sukasaroth, Lilflava, Schlag Endgame
Linkpearl-layer.png ClanDerPlanlosen Filou Ixi Social / Progression

No Longer Active

Name Leader Sacked Type Notes
Linkpearl-layer.png Moghouse Nasomi Server-wide LS Shell broken