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This section contains information regarding quests.


Some quests require a certain amount of fame or reputation in the local area. See this guide for some methods of increasing your fame swiftly.

Quick fame:

Only the best 6 stacks of Boyahda Moss = 7 Bastok Fame, 7 Sandy Fame, 8 Jeuno fame Macro: /item "Boyahda Moss" <stnpc>

Expanding Your Inventory

There a few quests one can do to expand their available inventory. Your personal inventory, satchel, and sack space is tied together; with the size being identical. You can increase the storage available for these in increments of 5 by doing the Gobbiebag quest line in Lower Jeuno. Nasomi Jueno Fame for Gobbie bag quests:

Part I -- Jueno Fame 2

Part II -- Jueno Fame 3

Part III -- Jueno Fame 4

Part IV -- Jueno Fame 4

Part V -- Jueno Fame 6*

Part VI -- Jueno Fame 6*

Part VII -- Jueno Fame 7*

Part VIII -- Jueno Fame 7*

Part IX -- Jueno Fame 8*

Part X -- Jueno Fame 9*

  • not tested on Nasomi Server.

Your Mog Safe size is increased by 10 slots gradually with time. Unlike on retail, you do not have to do the Give a Moogle a Break questline. That quest chain does not currently work.

Obtaining Sub-Job

In order to gain the ability to equip a [Support Job] (sub-job, or simply sub), you must first reach level 18 with any job, then complete the quest [Elder Memories] (or the quest "The Old Lady" in Mhaura, but it's recommended to do "Elder Memories" in Selbina since you'll likely be there anyway for Valkurm Dunes parties and might have an easier time finding help, don't be afraid to ask!). Upon completion, you will be rewarded with the ability to select a sub-job in your Mog House.

Obtaining Chocobo License

To obtain a Chocobo License, you must complete the quest Chocobo's Wounds. After completing that quest, you'll be able to rent a Chocobo from various Chocobo Renter NPCs (for a small fee) for a thirty-minute ride so long as you're level 20 or higher.

NOTE: This requires that your currently selected primary/main Job is 20+, not merely that you have a job at level 20+.

Obtaining Advanced Jobs

Upon reading level 30 on any job, advanced jobs become available. In order to obtain a specific job, the appropriate quest must be completed.

Advanced Jobs on Nasomi:

 * Bard
 * Beastmaster
 * Blue Mage
 * Corsair
 * Dark Knight
 * Dragoon
 * Ninja 
 * Paladin 
 * Puppetmaster
 * Ranger 
 * Samurai 
 * Summoner

Limit Breaks

Once you have reached a certain level of experience, a cap will be placed on you, preventing you from gaining further experience points and levels. In order to remove this cap, the appropriate limit break quest must be completed.

 * 50-55  "In Defiant Challenge" 
 * 55-60  "Atop the Highest Mountains"
 * 60-65  "Whence Blows the Wind"
 * 65-70  "Riding the Clouds" 
 * 70-75
 * "Shattering Stars" for all original Final Fantasy XI and Rise of the Zilart jobs
 * "Achieving True Power" for Puppetmasters
 * "Breaking the Bonds of Fate" for Corsairs
 * "The Beast Within" for Blue Mages

NOTE: On Nasomi, all Limit Breaks from 50-75 have been implemented and the maximum level is 75.

Quests By Location

The Kingdom of San d'Oria
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The Republic of Bastok
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The Federation of Windurst
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The Duchy of Jeuno
 * [Jeuno Quests]
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 * [Kazham]
 * [Norg]
 * [Rabao]
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 * For Holiday Events, and the quests associated with them, please visit the Event's page!
 * For Advanced Job quests, please check this wiki's jobs page or the corresponding job page [here]. 
 * For information on Chocobo Riding check the [quest].