Starlight Celebration 2018

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For the duration of Starlight Celebration 2018, the Festive Moogles in each Nation will hand you a Capella Card that you must trade to various NPCs for rewards.

The summarized sequence of tasks to obtain all rewards is as follows:

  1. You must purchase and equip all the following items from the Festive Moogle after he gives you your first Capella Card:
  2. You must trade the Capella Card to an NPC while wearing the entire Dream set (w/Bell) to get the +1 version of a Dream gear piece.
  3. Go back to the Festive Moogle for another Capella Card.
  4. Keep trading Capella Cards to the right NPCs until you have the entire +1 Dream set.
  5. While wearing the entire +1 Dream set (w/Bell), bring some more Capella Cards to NPCs in Lower Jeuno to get fabulous rewards!

Trading Cards in the Three Nations

Visit a Festive Moogle in one of the Three Nations to obtain a Capella Card and purchase event equipment. After buying and equipping the entire Dream set (including the Bell), trade a Capella Card to one of the NPCs below to get a Dream gear upgrade.

  • Make sure you have free space in your inventory for the rewards!
  • If you miss a reward because your inventory was full, you can also trade a Card in another Nation.
Port Bastok
(NPC Map)
Port San d'Oria
(NPC Map)
Windurst Walls
(NPC Map)
Pursuivant (J-11) Teilsa (F-9) Ojha Rhawash (C-13)
Argus (L-6) Answald (J-10) Kohpo-Akuupo (G-13)
Rafaela (H-6) Vounebariont (I-10) Mehruru (H-11)
Dehlner (H-5) Altiret (I-8) Karija-Marija (J-12)
Patient Wheel (F-5) Ceraulian (I-10) Takoda (H-10)
Mustafa (G-7) Brifalien (H-8) Migi Centa (I-9)
Liloune (H-7) Moan-Maon (J-6)
Aromu-Oromu (F-9)
Kalupa-Tawalupa (F-7)
Bonchacha (F-7)
Suhie-Kaihie (D-6)
Naih Arihmepp (F-5)
Yoran-Oran (E-5)
Gerun-Garun (H-4)
Scavnix (H-4)
Finene (I-5)
Florencia (K-6)
Card Reward Received
1st Dream Mittens +1
2nd Dream Boots +1
3rd Dream Bell +1
4th Dream Robe +1
5th Dream Trousers +1 or Dream Pants +1
6th Dream Hat +1
7th+ Ginger Cookie

Trading Cards in Lower Jeuno

After equipping the upgraded +1 Dream set (including the Bell), trade a Capella Card to one of the NPCs below to get a fantastic reward, culminating with a rare and useful Tidal Talisman.

  • You have to run back to one of the three Nations to get a Capella Card every time!
    The Festive Moogle in Jeuno is out of greeting cards, kupo...
Lower Jeuno
(NPC Map)
Zauko (I-6)
Subash (I-7)
Mesukiki (I-7)
Danzhor (H-7)
Nantoto (H-8)
Mendi (H-8)
Omer (G-10)
Kikilolo (H-9)
Guttrix (H-10)
Card Reward Received
1st Snow Bunny Hat
2nd Snowman Cap
3rd Snowman Knight
4th Snowman Mage
5th Tidal Talisman
6th+ 1 x Ginger Cookie